Ah Ha! Take That Single Bed Box Spring No One Wants, You're Useful Again.




Introduction: Ah Ha! Take That Single Bed Box Spring No One Wants, You're Useful Again.

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You know those pesky box springs that you normally inherit from folks when they have a kids twin mattress to get rid of. Well here's something you can do with them, turn them into a pallet wood organizer and even an overhead organizer for other random stuff.

I was cleaning out the garage and about to throw out the box springs when I noticed a nice wood grid in the back, which worked out perfectly, because I was also looking at a pile of pallet boards I needed organized and off the ground somehow.

One of the box spring I dismantled had a steel frame inside which I turned into overhead storage for my steel corners and wood dowels. Killed two birds with one stone, got rid of the box springs and organized my wood and steel supplies.

Let's get this done together!

Step 1: Dismantle the Box Springs, Via Sheer Anger. Lol

Materials needed

- Good work gloves

- Good safety glasses

- Needle nose pliers

- Flat screw driver


- Hammer


- Screw gun (cordless drill)

So we first need to take these box springs apart without destroying them or our hands with the 1001 staples that are holding the fabric on there.

What I found best is a good pair of work gloves, safety glasses, a flat screw driver and a pair of needle nose pliers with a hammer.

While wearing your gloves and glasses, ALWAYS WEAR YOUR PPE

(Personal protective equipment (If you didn't know what PPE was, it means you aren't wearing it enough lol.))

Start lifting a few staples on a corner or somewhere along the edge of the box spring with the flat screw driver. Once you get a section loosened up use shear might and anger to pull it up and off the frame, if you don't have enough anger or might. I found that using the pliers to keep tension on the material pulling it outwards, then using a hammer to tap it loose worked great. Either way you will be spending time taking all the little staples out of the frames with the pliers afterwards.

When your done De-fabricating the box spring you shall be left with a couple of wooden frames and a metal rack, keep the rack for later we want the frames for now.

Step 2: Level and Mount Your Rack for a Quick Wood Organizer

Alrighty then folks we now have our wooden box spring grid bases, lets get mounting!

So first we need to find a couple of studs that are the right distance apart to store your wood in, I went just short of 4ft because I'm building this primarily for my pallet wood that I dismantle.

Using your level, screw gun and screws mount your first base to a wall stud. At the other end which is hanging off the ground I put a brick under neath and made sure it was level also, you need to support this end because you will be putting a lot of weight on the rack.

Once you have your first rack up you'll need to put a board across to the next one and make sure it sits level across, then check the level coming out from the wall if square then secure that one to the wall stud.

Now we have a couple of racks sticking out from the wall, we'll need to stabilize them so they don't move apart from each other. Screw a couple of cross members on top and bottom, you can even screw boards across to make shelving but that was not my intent. I just needed to have somewhere to organize and keep my pallet wood.

Step 3: Sort and Organize!

Get sorting and organizing your wood!

I chose to organize my wood by wide good boards in one, narrow boards in another, thick ones, thin ones, light colored woods and dark ones, then a couple of section for the longer boards etc.

The wood moves so quickly that I'll reserve a few square for some special projects I have in mind trying to collect all the same style or color etc..

Now let's do something with that metal rack that was left behind from the one box spring.

Step 4: Cut Strapping Studs, Find Your Stud and Straps, Ohh You Know What I Mean. Lol

(***Be careful with installing anything over head, I am not responsible for anything that may happen from you trying this or any of my instructables.***)

We first need to cut strapping that is a bit longer then the width of the box spring frame, and it must fit in between the metal bars. Don't use cheap wood here because it must be strong enough to support the weight of whatever your storing in the racking, you dont want this falling on your head.

With your new strapping you need to find your ceiling studs and make sure you screw your strapping into studs, thus sandwiching the metal rack against the ceiling to support whatever you want to store.

I primarily used this for all my metal corners, round dowels, long wooden handles etc.. You go ahead and store anything you can fit in there.

Hope you enjoyed this simple building materials storage from recycled materials, if you liked this Instructable please vote for it in the contest!

Thank you for following, I'll see you next time!

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