Ahoy It's a Boy Baby Shower Party Decor Kit

Introduction: Ahoy It's a Boy Baby Shower Party Decor Kit

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ahoy it's a boy shower party decor with hand made and hand written ahoy it's a boy
I love hand made so i don't use machines and stickers to create my paper crafts.i am a creative artist i design and craft each piece very carefully.

Hippo is one of the cute animal ,so i made this cute baby boy shower party decor with hand written ahoy it's a boy

Banner ( the hand written letters are glued with matching confetti's BABY BOY) are mounted with foam adhesive to give 3d look

Table top decors hippos are mounted with hand written 2.5'' circles and 8'' stick is used

Rosset with ahoy it's a boy

and pyramid shaped favor with hand written ahoy it's a boy 2.5'' tag

I love this party decor kit there are so.. many possibilities with hand writing.

Basic supplies: 8.5/11 inch cardstock papers of blue shades, craft knife, pencil to draw, white twine, 8'' barbeque sticks, circle punch, ( here i used different size bottles cap ) ,marker pen, paper hole punch,foam adhesive, glue



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    These are really cute. Do you have any more step by step photos? I like how you used a hole punch to make the lettering in the banner, nice idea.