Cama Flotante - Air Bed

Introduction: Cama Flotante - Air Bed

Dimensiones de la habitacion: 2x5 metros (6.56 x 16.4 feet); altura mínima 4 metros (13.2 feet); altura máxima 6 metros (19.7 feet)

(Building a bed)

Materials: wooden beam 3x9 inches, with a length of 16 feet. 4 pallet screws L support bolts

Se montó una viga de 3x9 pulgadas (inch) a una altura de 1.8 metros (5.9 feet).
Se utilizó bulones de 10cm. Dos (2) en cada extremo, para fijar la viga.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks nice! And look at all the extra space below--very useful!

    Thanks for sharing this! :)