Air Brush Away Pimples

I'm blessed with hereditary dark circles, acne melasma and wrinkles.
So sometimes i need a little help to get my photos looking decent.


- selfie
- smart phone
- airbrush app

Step 1: Find Your App

There's so many apps for airbrushing photos but most are pretty impressive. Although the one I'm using is free there are paid options, or your able to share and watch ads to gain access to locked features.

Once you have an app downloaded, find your selfie and upload.

Step 2: Save Time With Auto Options!

This is a great starting point to help even everything out! Just click auto, you might be lucky enough to stop here!

Step 3: Erase Pimples With a Click

Zoom in as far as you can, and place your cursor directly over the area.

Step 4: Bye Bye Black Eyes!

This is by far my favourite selfie cheat. I have hereditary hallow under eyes, so I perpetually look like I haven't slept in a month.. that and I have 2 under 2 #mumlife

Draw thin lines over the darkened areas then use small circular motions to help blend and harsh lines.

Step 5: Fix Yo Lips

I dream of lips like kylie... Until I can afford injections, a little reshaping via app will have to do.
Drag from your lip outwards to help give a fuller pout.

Step 6: Know When to Stop!

Try not to blur out your whole face. Use restraint and embrace some of your flaws. They are what make you YOU!

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