Air Conditioner in Bottle

Introduction: Air Conditioner in Bottle

This is simple project that you can do in 20 min. Its called Air conditioner in a bottle.

Its a simple Homemade air conditioner

Air blows directly over the ice and goes out.

Step 1: Things You Need

5l bottle or bigger

PC fan



DC adapter (12V)

some connectons or 12V jack

Step 2: Mark and Cut

Put fan on bottle

Mark it on bottle

And cut the bottle

Step 3: Other Hole

Now enlarge output hole for air.

Simply pt fan on top mark and cut the hole.

Step 4: Make Connection

Make connecton for the fan. I used fuse jack and some twisted wire.

Step 5: FInish

Push the fan into the hole, put ice inside and plug it in.

And relax.



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    Hey, thanks for sharing! :)