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This is a very very cool paper skate borad

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Step 1: Step 1

Get a peace of paper

Step 2: Step2

Fold the paper hot dog style

Step 3: Step3

sry i skiped a step but you fold that same peace of paper hamberger style then you cut down the middle

Step 4: Step4

Know fold that peace of paper you cut hot dog style and fold it about the size in the picture or(3cm-4cm)

Step 5: Step5

know when you have it folded down to 3cm-4cm in with cut it about 1/8 on side and cut it 1 1/2cm on top

Step 6: Step6(final)

ok when you made the smaller rectangler shape , put a design or something on bottom< then tape it up the cut the ends rounded the tape the ends up(its not gonna be perfect ) the bend the ends how you want them then you can go crazy with it

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    hey! I made these in school! but then we got these stupid id cards :( so now evryone justuses those.

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