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you can make a fan (airplane shape) by using 3d printer and one motor.


Step 1: Draw a Sketch for Your Air-fan

Draw a sketch for your air-fan

Step 2: Using 3d Software to Model the Airplane, I Use 3dsmax to Model

using 3d software to model the airplane, i use 3dsmax to model

Step 3: Arrange the Parts of the Airplane, Depends on Different Color

arrange the parts of the airplane, depends on different color

Step 4: 3d Printing (da Vinci Mini)

3d printing (da vinci mini)
i use 3 color, white, orange and yellow.

Step 5: Glue All the Parts

Glue all the parts
i use the epoxy super glue to glue all the parts.

Step 6: Draw the Circus Map (very Simple)

Draw the circus map (very simple)

connect the motor, switch and battery

Step 7: Setup the Motor, Battery and Switch

setup the motor, battery and switch

I use glue gun to glue the motor into the 3d print plane

embedded the wire in to the supported columns of the plane.
put the battery and switch into the box.

Step 8: Turn on the Air Fan

Turn on the air fan

It works!!!
very easy one, please enjoy your cool desk fan.



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