Air Filter With ATX Power Supply

Introduction: Air Filter With ATX Power Supply

Hello Again,

This Projet is all about a air Cleaner / Filter I designed myself.

It is realy dusty in my room so I thought it would be nice to have some that cleans it.

Step 1: Theory

My Basic design is made to be placed flat under my bed.

I arranged the filter in a way which seemed effective for me.

*** Please see step 8 for improvements ***

Step 2: Parts

I Used following parts:

8x Radial fan who can build up a high air pressure
1x Atx power supply
1x Dust filter, I use a VFT-7 grade with a thickness of 8mm
1x Roll of self adhesive velcro tape for fixing the filter
1x sheet of 3mm thick painted plywood (Please see step 8 for improvements)
5x 90cm long triangle shaped wood sticks

And of course tools ;-)

Step 3: Mesurments

This depends on where do you want to place the Filter.

I made mine flat so it could fit under my bed.

Step 4: Power Supply

Preparing the Powersupply

Step 5: Fan Assembly

Now here it is how I assmebled the fans.

I also put the power connecto and switch trouht the back.

Step 6: Building the Case

Now i show you how I build the case

Step 7: Velcro and Filter Applying.

Put the Velcro on the inside,

Leave no gaps.
Double it on difficult passages.

When you put in the filter use the more fluffy side for the attaching to the velcro. (if you filter got one)

Step 8: Operations + Final Thoughts

So After finishing the Air cleaner I put him under my bed and connected him with a time switch wich i coul program the way I wanted.

Now, after I am finished this filter, I have a few improvements.

1 +++ Dont use the painted plywood, it really bad to glue, drill, nail and so on normal wood paltes or plywood in a similliar thickness would have done the same.

2 +++ Dont  think of a pyramid shape for the filter like I did. A flat surface would do the same. the velco is easyer to apply, the filter is easyer to change apply.

Except those two points the filter is working like I wanted it on the picture you can see the effect.
Where is did a little longtime experiment.

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