Air Filter (with Activated Carbon/charcoal)




Introduction: Air Filter (with Activated Carbon/charcoal)

About: I am a designer and 3D printing enthusiast.

Most common problem faced by a designer or creator like me, is the pollution created by 3D printer !

So here is an air filter for all designers and creators.


- Super glue

- Scissors

- Cable tie

- Computer cooling fan

- Power supply for fan

- Activated carbon/charcoal

available here - for india for usa

* the shape or structure may change but works similarly.

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Step 1: Print All 3D Files on Thingiverse !

Download it for free on

Step 2: Covering

Covering both the parts with stockings, and stick it !

The inner cylinder is not stable inside the outer cylinder, so a base ring should be placed in the outer cylinder.

Step 3: Assembly 1

Fix the base ring first in the outer cylinder, and then the inner cylinder in it.

Step 4: Filling Activated Carbon !

Fill the gap with activated carbon and make sure not to overload, as this may result in blockage of air flow.

Step 5: Assembly 2

- join the "fan looft" and the cap with cable tie.

- place it on the cylinders

- and fix an computer cooling fan on it.

( make sure the direction of the flow is up words/outside not the other way )

follow me on instagram @thecreatebaba

on Thingivers @adm1413

And the filter is ready to use !

Happy printing

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Will include similar designs in my new SLA 3D printer. Thanks!!!


    Question 2 years ago

    just wondering why having printed four holes that match up with the four holes on the fan you've not used those holes with four bolts but opted for cable ties instead, genuine question.


    Answer 2 years ago

    They were actually designed for nut and bolt assembly, but I was not able to find nuts and bolts near my house. So I used cable tie instead.

    One can definitely use nut and bolt assembly to fix.

    The cable tie are just an improvised option for everyone who are not able to find the nut and bolt of perfect size.

    Thankyou for your concern! ✌☺

    Please let me know if you have more questions.

    Really looking forward to answer all of them !