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We decided to make an air hockey table not just for fun after the hard work in laboratory but also because this manufacturing process is interesting, exciting and not too expensive. Because of the short available time and our low budget we make a smaller table then the usual.

To make this project you'll need:

1. 2 sheets of MDF 22mm-thick - 2100x1800mm

2. 1 sheet of MDF 16mm-thick - 1400x1000mm

3. 2 Air compressors with the power 550W

4. Pipeline D130, 1.5m long

5. Compounds, screws, small legs, varnish

6. Arduino, 2 HC-SR04, JY-LKM1638

7. Aluminium corner 15x15x2mm

Moreover for making this project you'll need CNC-router, handtools, 3d-printer.

Step 1: CNC-machining and Preparing Parts

Firstly, you should check the design attached to the project (SolidWorks 2016), prepare DXF or any other file for CAM. The longest thing is drilling holes - it took about 7 hours.

For milling MDF was used 12mm end mill, for drilling was used 3mm drilling bit. On the last layer you have to make a slot for installing the aluminium border, for this you should use 2mm end mill.

Step 2: Assembly

MDF is rather heavy and the table itself is rather big so you'll need help in assembling it. On this step we used electric screwdriver, grinder, screws.

Step 3: Air Compressors Connection

To create the sufficient airflow we used 2 air compressors 550W, connected with the pipeline to the first layer of the table.

Step 4: Varnishing and Test

The last important thing you should check is friction. If the surface is rough, the puck won't slide well, so in this case you should use varnish. Before the surface of our table become smooth, we made 3 layers of varnish.

Step 5: Electronics

We made some simple program using 2 ultra sonic sensors and display to count goals. The firmware attached

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    2 years ago

    What is the diameter of the holes on the table, 1mm or 3mm,? Thx.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Great job!