AirWick Mini Guns





Introduction: AirWick Mini Guns

This is my first instructable, so no rude comments! This is an AirWick Mini Gun to play around with. Its an awesome toy for kids, especially boys!

Step 1: Getting the Gun.

Getting the gun is simple. Go to a store and buy an AirWick air freshener that looks like this:

Or just get one from around the house.

Step 2: How to Hold It

Now, take it off the wall or out of the package. Hold it from the plug like a gun, and viola!

Step 3: Reload Time!

To reload, simply take out the AirWick jar and replace it or use the same one again. Push it up the AirWick freshener like you would a magazine.

Step 4: Play!

Yes, now you can actually play. Have one or two guns! kids enjoy this toy and so does their parents, cause its cheap!



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    23 Discussions

    haha. this would definetaly work on my annoying little cousins. ._.

    make it shoot with cot cylinders and a ball valve trigger

     just because 'someone' doesnt have an imagination, it doesnt mean they have to be mean, i think this is creative and cool. Be nice since its their first instructable

     and as my math teacher would say SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!   I do have an imagination.

     Hey, I'm not the most willing person to start a forum fight, but I will.  As a starting statement, I have not been logged in for quite a while for 2 reasons: 1) there has been a lot going on in the past few months.  I don't often have the time to think hard about these things.  2) It's hard to think at home as well because I have a little sister who tends to quite annoying.

                Overall, I have given this a second look, done it my self, and given it a few mods to make it shoot a projectile.  This was a great start to one of my projects.  I'll be sure to post that one.
                             So yes, I do like this instructable.

    Wow i was hoping for something that shoots i'm like maybe it's some combustion process and then i'm like ...WTF?!?