Airbrush Basics - These Are the Basics for Learning to Airbrush




Introduction: Airbrush Basics - These Are the Basics for Learning to Airbrush

About: I'm an amateur custom painter that loves to share all the cool tricks that i learn along the way.

Changing colors - Disassembly - Cleaning - Assembly

Everyone needs to know the basics so you can take care of your new piece of gear.



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    Just in case anybody here hasnt figured it out yet caligraphy ink is great as a practice paint - cleans up easy from airbrush, no thinning required, and very very cheap.

    works with around 30 - 40 PSI

    If only I saw this video before I cloged my airbrush...

    ROFLMAO!! it's like you know exactly wtf i want to learn and put the video right on my screen... i've looked at most of your videos 2 or 3 times and thought to myself... alright... time to get an airbrush. then i realised sh!t... i dunno how to take care of it if i do get one. and after 2 hours on the web i click a link and it brings me full circle right back here... gg. thanks again :)

    Any chance you could do a 4 leaf clover intstuctional for me. I have the basics and want to put a shamrock on each side of my bike's gas tank. That's a mock up of what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks


    what airbrush are you runn'n?, personally I running a vega 2000 by badger, also I have a crescendo for shirts (not metal) and 2 harbor freight backups.

    First off I have to say I just recently saw your videos and for someone like me who is just starting they are awesome! Like I said I'm just starting and got what I think was a great deal on a BADGER 360 ($75.)but I'm wondering if it will be good for me to learn with and if I'll be able to eventually accomplish those awesome Real Blue Flames in your video with it? Thanks for all your help!

    i am new to airbrushing. my tool leaks just a tiny bit out of the body. is there anything i can do to fix it? your vids are great. i mostly use the tool for painting stencils. Also, any vital tips i need to know about?

    hey, great tut, all ur videos are super! i was just wandering, i normally use an aerosol to paint, but i haven't done any complicated pattern before, so all i've ever needed was masking tape. but when i want to do curves, it can be a bit of a problem. do you recommend buying an airbrush?? p.s. i spray custom case mods, usually on certain microsoft consoles.. thanks, a8875624

    Nice job, I realized you changed the videos to Revver. Or is it Rewer? I don't know, but still, great videos, and the quality is much better!