In this instuctable i will show you how to build a simple airplane.

Step 1: Creating Parts

First, you have to cut out all parts out off balsa as shown in the sketches above.

Step 2: Creating the Body(part 1)

First you glue parts 5 and 6 to part 1. The parts with number 6 have to be perpendicular to part 1 and part 5. The outer size for the parts 6 has to be 20 mm.

Step 3: Creating the Body(part 2)

Next you add the lower part 2. Glue this only to the rear 3 ribs.

Step 4: Creating the Body(part 3)

In the third step you add the front reinforcements (part 9). These have to be glued in in the same way as you attached part 6 in the first step.

Step 5: Creating the Body(part 4)

Next, we create the tale stabiliser. We glue part 7 to the underside of part 1.

Step 6: Creating the Body(part 5)

Next, the talefin has to be made. Glue part 12 on each side of part 10. By doing this you create a triangle with one thicker side.

Step 7: Creating the Body(part 6)

As finale step to the body, we at the tailfin. You have to place this one in the middle on the upperside of the rear.

Step 8: Creating the Wing (part 1)

To make the wing, we take part 3. On this we glue parts 4. One of these spaceholders goes on each tip of the wing. Also, we add one to the corners in the wing. As last we add one at about 150 mm from each corner.

You have to do this two times.

Step 9: Creating the Wing (part 2)

Next we add the other side of the wing. This can be best done by first adding glue to the ends of the ribs.

Step 10: Creating the Wing (part 3)

Next, we add the cover of the wings. I have used tissue paper. First you take the paper and put it on the underside of the wing. After that you cut the paper a litle bit larger than the wing. After that you remove the paper and you cover the underside of the wing in a small layer of glue. Then you add the paper again. After a litle time to dry, you can cut away all off the remaining paper.

Step 11: Creating the Wing (part 4)

After this you can add parts 8 and 13. Part 8 hoes on top of one of the wings. Part 13 goes under the other wing. Both parts have to be in the middle of the wing.

Step 12: Creating the Wing (part 5)

As final step, we add a little bit of reinforcement. We glue part 11 to the outside of each corner.

Step 13: Final

By using rubberbands you can join the wings and the body together. Wrap the bands around the body and the crossbars on the wings. The wing with the wider crossbar goes on top. Both wings should be supported by the second and thirth rib of the body.

If the airplane flips to the back, you can add a little bit of weight on the front.



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    4 Discussions

    Probably used the wrong word. The way I see the wings folding up a the end looks different than I would expect. Usually they just fold up at the very end, but in your case it looks like there's a flap attached there. Sorry, I'm terrible at describing stuff like this.
    I like your design, it's interesting and different.

    The wingtips are part of the long beams on the front and back off the wings.

    I also recomend to attach a small piece off wood at the corner in this beam for reinforcement