Airplane Cell Phone Stand FREE From a Cup Without Tools




Introduction: Airplane Cell Phone Stand FREE From a Cup Without Tools

I am a prop maker from Los Angeles specializing in crafting, hand props, special effects, art car...

I know this is not the most amazing build on here, but my grandpa always said the truly best inventions are the ones like the paper clip. Things that are very cheap and used a million times.
Have you ever been on a plane and there is no place to put your phone or tablet to watch a movie? Here is what I did.

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Step 1: Get a Cup

Any old cup will do, I ordered a water and used a plastic cup.

Step 2: Poke 4 Holes in the Cup With a Coffee Stirrer

I used the coffee stirrer from a united flight and poked 4 holes about an inch apart. Then you crease the cup between the second and third holes and weave the stirrer between the holes as shown.

Step 3: Crease the Cup for the Desired Watching Position

Once the cup stands on its side, put your phone on it and crease the cup.

Step 4: Watch a Movie

If you are on a united flight, they have free movies if you downloaded the app before the flight.

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