Airplane Lego Structure


This is a step-by-step instructable on how to make a Lego airplane structure in six steps.

Step 1:

Take one large 16 spot yellow Lego and use as a base for the airplane.

Step 2:

Take a red eight spot Lego and offset the Lego by one spot and attach to the back of the yellow Lego.

Step 3:

Use a four spot blue Lego and attach in front of the red Lego.

Step 4:

Use a four spot yellow Lego and attach it in front of the blue Lego.

Step 5:

Take a four spot white flat Lego and attach it to one spot on the back of the yellow Lego you just put on. This is one half of the wings of the airplane

Step 6:

On the opposite side of the yellow Lego you put on in Step 4 attach a four spot black flat Lego. This completes the wings of the airplane.



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