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Introduction: Airsoft BB Trap.

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A friend has recently bought a few airsoft BB guns for his kids.

I decided to make a BB trap from some scraps of timber and plywood so they would have a target holder that would safely catch the BB's with out and risk of them ricocheting back at the kids, it also saves on having to search the room for stray BB's and the annoyance of slipping on or standing on a BB in your bare feet which hurts like hell

I started with a 14" x 12" sheet of 9mm plywood that would be strong enough to withstand metal BB's from my own Daisy Timberwolf BB gun. This sheet would form the back of the trap and is there for the thickest.

The top and bottom where made with 6mm plywood and the sides where sheeted with some scraps of hardboard. strips of 9mm plywood where uses at the from of the trap so that cardboard sheets could be pinned to the trap and targets could be pasted to the cardboard.

The BB trap is stuffed with scrunched up newspaper to slow the BB so they should not be damaged by hitting the back wall of the trap and so they can be reused again and again.

I used powertools and a nail-gun to knock this up in about an hour or so, but this could easily be make using hand tools.

soz for some burred pics, I need better light in the shed.

Thanks for looking and I hope this is of use to any of the airsoft fans.


This is not made to withstand the power of a air rifle.

Airsoft guns and BB guns are not toys and should be treated with respect at all times and used in compliance with your local laws.

Always use airsoft guns and other BB guns responsibly with the correct safety equipment, make sure kids wear eye protection when they uses BB guns.  

In other words don't piss around and come crying to me if you do something stupid and loose an eye
or get shot by your local law enforcement agencies.

Play safe and have fun.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Dang! I knew I should have posted an 'ible on how I made mine! But it works so well I never had to make a new one... :( Oh well, maybe I'll just post pics and a vid...