Airsoft Bomb Replica

Introduction: Airsoft Bomb Replica

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This is a project that I designed to use on Airsoft games, this Airsoft Bomb is equipped with a pyrotechnic exit to detonate, for example smoke bombs, to let the players know that the bomb exploded.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Watch the video and see how the Airsoft Bomb works.

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Step 2: The Purpose

The idea behind this project was to make the Airsoft games more exciting and give that moment to the players that we all see on the movies, the moment of disarming the bomb.

This can be used on different games, just plant and detonate, one team plant the bomb and the other disarm the bomb by capturing the disarm key or cutting one of the four wires available on the bomb.

Step 3: Specification

The timer can be set to 1min to 99 min giving the possibility of different game times.

One key to arm and disarm the bomb.

Four wires to cut, two of them disarm the bomb and the other two detonate the bomb.

When the bomb is disarmed the timer will stop counting.

The order of the wires can easily be chaged.

When the bomb detonates it will start a buzzer and turned on a red LED, also the bomb has a pyrotechnic exit that can detonate a smoke bomb to alarm the other players that the bomb exploded.

The electronics in the bomb is powerd by a 12v 1.3A battery.

Step 4: Material

I used for this project:

- Tool case

- Acrylic piece

- Two key switchs

- LEDs, one red the other green

- A lot of wires

-12V 1.3A battery

- 3.5mm plug connector (for the pyrotechnic exit )

- Three meter wire ( to safely detonate the smoke bomb away from the case and the players )

- Timer ( I used a kitchen timer from ikea, ikea hack for the rescue )

- A lot of 555 timers , relays, resistors, capacitor, etc.....

- C4 made from scratch (because my local 1-dollar-store doesn´t have it)

Step 5: -

I didn´t make the circuit schematics to share because I made this by fly, but if I make another bomb in the future I will make a video so please stay tuned to my youtube channel.

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3 Discussions


5 years ago on Introduction

Vey nice project, unfortunatelly you provide little information of the connections and most of all no schematics, which make us (who want to emulate your project) a bit dissapointed.

Engineer of None
Engineer of None

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Hi, like i said this was made on the fly and a i didn't made any schematic, but if i make another one in the future i will put a video step by step.


Reply 2 years ago

People are still wondering if you'r going to update the project?