Airsoft: Buying a Airsoft Gun

Hey, First of all this is a developing series all about Airsoft and my experiences at a skirmish site.

So The first step Buying a Airsoft Gun. With Airsoft becoming a hobby battling paintball more and more people get confused about things like RIS rails, LPEG, AEG, CQB and Tightbore Barrels im here to explain the majority of these and also answering peoples questions in the comments.
The Only Problem with this guide and i admit it i can't explain gas Airsoft guns and I admit that. If anyone could explain in a private message don't hesitate to send it
So Here is the Guide 

This guide is not in any way to discuss real firearms that might or might not be illegal in your country but I take no responsibility for what you do with real or Airsoft guns

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Step 1: How These Work

A Airsoft gun's Firing Mechanism is simple

1. Somehow pull a spring back
2. Feed a 6mm BB into the Chamber 
3. Hold The Spring until the Trigger is pulled
4. When the Trigger is Pulled Release the spring and Launch the BB through the barrel into the Air

The Somehow pull a spring back could be manually pulled back which is commonly called a spring gun
However The Somehow pull a spring back could be made by a Electric Motor which is called a AEG an Automatic Electric Gun
Generally Spring Airsoft guns in a Airsoft Skirmish are only suitable for snipers
But Electrics are good for everything else.

This is a general rule Me and My Mates Worked Out

Electrics for Rifles
Gas for Pistols
Spring for Snipers

Step 2: The AEG Buying Guide

OK my favourite type of Airsoft gun. The Electric

Anything from £0-£50 is usually bad, an LPEG (Low Power Electric Gun) with a plastic gearbox which will break easily after 2000 rounds. A Brittle Plastic Body and A rubbish Magazine. A Few Example Brands of these are Double Eagle, CYMA and HFC. There are some Exceptions to this price range though.

£50-£150 can consist of some mid range guns. some are good and some are bad although usually the higher the price the better the quality. Nice Plastic body's or Possibly metal body's but again higher the price. Sometimes Metal Gearboxes and Sometimes Good Plastic Gearboxes made of high quality Polymer which can stand more BB's but still metal is better. Example Brands of this are JP / JG (Jing Gong), G&G Armament and Low end Classic Army's

£150+ consists of High Grade High Power High Range Epicness. Metal Gearboxes. Very High Quality Plastic to keep weight down or Decent Metal But Can be a bit too heavy. Usually Easily Upgradable and Tokyo Marui Compatable. Example Brands are ICS, Tokyo Marui, and Guns that have been MAGPUL'ed

Step 3: Pistol Buying Guide

Ok, A Sidearm is a backup for you're main weapon. It is Usually a Pistol and That is what i am covering

Gas is the best Type of BB propulsion for a Pistol as it is powerful easy to use and can make a pistol very much like the real thing. They can have a blowback system so when you fire the slide of the pistol goes back and forth like the real thing. some even have a recoil system so it kicks back at you. I'm currently using a tiny little gas pistol that is super cool. The HG1070B 25 or the HFC Colt 25. Yes I might have said that HFC isn't a very good make for AEG but this little pistol for £20 is decent

Step 4: Sniper Buying Guide

The Wait Until you get a clear shot guide
The Spring Sniper Guide

£0 - £50 you're basic sniper, no scope, just a cocking handle, barrel and a magazine
£50 - £150 the better sniper, possibly a scope, or RIS rails with A nice cocking handle and magazine size
£150+ The Ultimate Sniper Rifle Package. Possibly Electric. Decent Metal Cocking Handle with a recoil system and excellent range. Should have a decent Scope with it.

Always Clean you're Sniper and Lubricate it with some decent lube.

Step 5: Well Thats It

That's my guide
My Very First Instructable Done
Well thanks for reading
Please post questions in the comments and ill try my best to answer them

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    21 Discussions

    knex luver234

    8 years ago on Step 3

    they are both real guns or bb guns, you HAVE to hwave orange tips, otherwise its illegal....

    6 replies
    Kat_Masterknex luver234

    Reply 2 years ago

    You definately don't need orange tips, but you do if you're going to airsoft in an unofficial airsoft field.

    you dont HAVE to have orange tips on the field. I play airsoft every week and i have cheap removable things that i dont need. its only illegal if you dont have a UKARA (if you live in the uk). I have one and have done for 3 years.

    i live in southern california, and my field is okay if you dont have the orange tip, but the gun must be concealed outside of the park


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Carrying one of these pieces, (much less actually brandishing it) in public without the orange tip can land you in some deep doo-doo here in the states. Last I heard, the US gub'ment was trying to pass bill that would require ALL air-soft guns to be made in solid bright fluorescent, or overly ridiculous looking colors. It's like the ol' Entertech water-pistol debacle all over again. I don't even like going out target shooting in the woods with my 350fps springer M&P 45 even WITH the bright orange tip attached. With my luck, I'd probably get gunned downed or tazed by an over-zealous, (yet understandably shook) police officer.

    Pretty strange, huh? We in the states have access to all sorts of nasty ass, truly lethal, REAL pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc., while those in the UK & many other countries simply don't have that right. Perhaps that is *exactly* the very reason WHY we have such strict laws on replica, BB, and AirSoft guns. It's a crazy mixed up world... even more so than usual here in the US as of late. Regardless, EVERYONE should be *very* careful with such "big boy toys"... watch your ass folks, you don't want to end up shot dead & full of slugs all because you're trying to have fun with a cool looking gun that shoots plastic BBs!


    3 years ago

    it was a big help thanks i know what to buy now agin thanks.


    7 years ago on Step 3

    Definition of a pistol-

    "A weapon you use to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped in the first place."

    Can't remember who said that.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    does airsoft colt m1911 get the slide to open the barrel, a jam up the barrel when you shake the airsoft pistol around when loaded like the crosman p9?


    8 years ago on Step 4

    with a sniper, u have to have everything upgraded, everything, to get max range and accuracy


    8 years ago on Step 4

    you have a picture of the warrior l96 MB01 i have that gun wise choice but you should mention that with snipers you will always be upgrading it and adding things