Airsoft Can Target

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Tired of those pesky cans trying to escape whenever you shoot them with your airsoft gun? Well this Instructable will teach you how to make a simple device to keep those sneaky cans in place.

Step 1: Materials

This build is just about a simple as it gets but it is highly effective and worth taking a few minutes to bulid it. so all you will need is:
-A 2x4 or you could also use plywood but i decided to go with the 2x4 as i had a piece lying around.
-Second, you will need some long nails. I used 4 inch nails and they are great, but as long as they are 3" or longer then you will be fine (assuming you are using a 2x4) the type of nail is not important again just use what you have lying around from past projects.
-And lastly you will need a hamer of course and a few cans.

Step 2: Driving the Nails

Process for putting the nails through the board is very simple.
First take your board and cut it to your desired size 1' of 2x4 will hold 2 cans 2' will hold 4 cans 3' will hold 6 and so on. I went with the 3' size and it worked out to be a bit big so I would recommend the 2' size but it is completely up to you.
So let's get started. take a nail and measure in about 6" -doesn't have to be exact- and drive the nail into the board about an inch, it will make your life easier later on. keep doing this down the length of the board till you get to the end.
Now if you have one, open your vice a 2"- if you don't have a vice, take two 4x4's and put them next to each other with about a 2" gap between them. Now take your board and put it on top of the vice with the nail in the center of the gap and drive the nail through the board so it is flush with the bottom side and the nail is sticking out the bottom. Do this to all the other boards and you will be finished. When you are done if your nailing skills are as good as mine you will also get the chance to do the amazingly exciting task of straitening all the askew nails.

Step 3: Skewering the Cans

Just simply take the can in your hand and slam it down on the nail and the nail will drive up through the bottom and hold it in place.

Step 4: Test

Now take it outside and shoot those devious cans up. If you have any improvments be sure to tell me.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    1. Put cans on table

    2. Shoot



    I think the water drains too fast to get the full use out of the can, with this setup, you could put it somewhere and it will stay in its place, unlike the water filled ones which will get blown away after the water drains out from the holes.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice and simple and effective. maybe a picture of you shooting it? what kind of gun do you use?


    how? the nail is much shorter than the can so there is no possibility of it going all the way through(also you hold the can by the edges), and unless you miss the nail entirely you should be just fine. If your that concerned, just use a rubber mallet and tap it onto the nail.