Airsoft Claymore Type Thing.

This is a claymore thing that blows up and sprays airsoft BB's everywhere.

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Step 1: You Will Need.....

-Airsoft BBs
-Skewer stick
-Masking Tape

Step 2: The Body

First, take the skewer stick and tape the firecracker to it. Don't put too much tape on it, or it will weaken the blast.

Step 3: Roll the BB's

Take the BB's and roll them on a piece of masking tape about 2-3 inches.

Step 4: Attach the BB's to the Stick

It should look like this.

After you're done, light it up and run. This is good for sneaking up on people and lighting it up when they don't see you. Constructive critisism is wanted.

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    58 Discussions


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 4

    send me a message with your email, and ill send you a video. thanks.


    9 years ago on Step 4

    try putting it lower on the stick. Then tape 4 matches to the stick (make sure the heads are touching the fuse, try putting it a little lower than right on the top of the fuse). Next take the two strikers from the box and place them on the matches. Then wrap them to the matches with a rubber band, not too tight, not too loose. Somehow tie a fishing line to the strikers and tie it too something so when someone trips it he ignites the matches, igniting the fuse. Hope I complicatedly helped.


    9 years ago on Step 4

    thats not a claymore thats a gernade on a stick try adding a trip wire to start it that would make it a lot better


    Reply 9 years ago on Step 1

    No, that's is a firecracker. It probably just is the same color as the spinner.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    that would take like three, bottle rockets are
    rather weak and barely carry thier own weight.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    is not a claymore something wich blow when someone walk by? I think its more like a grenadde. tough you could make a claymore version ussing a pulling firework(google d0rk: pulling firecracker). generally they cost about $0.75 for 2-3 box of 12. its cheap!

    2 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    That's why I named it the claymore type thing. And you don't throw it like a grenade, the stick is for mounting it on the ground.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    lol there's no mounting. firevrackers will blowup on ur fingers, you cant mount it bit having doublesided take like a sticky would be good.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I don't play airsoft but here's an idea for your claymore. Goto a hobby store and get a packet of model rocket engine igniters. (small pieces of wire bent in half with chemicals on the middle part.) get yourself some cheap insulated wire (double for small speakers) Also going to need a battery (big box type --preferably with spring terminals) tape and alligator clips.

    now that you've got the stuff here's how to put it together.

    1. build your claymore as normal.
    2. tape the igniter to the fuse. ( this takes know-how...the tip of igniter w/chemicals needs to be in contact with the fuse BUT not the tape and the two halfs of the igniter must remain separate. so...
    A. take tape and wrap it around the middle of one of the halfs (insulates it ) then lay ingniter on the fuse and tape to fuse (MAKE SURE TO LEAVE THE TIP OF IGNITER FREE OF TAPE AND BOTH ENDS OF THE IGNITER FREE OF TAPE AS WELL)
    B. Alligator clips attach to ends of the igniter and run the wire out probably no more than 20-30ft..DEPENDS UPON BATTERY STRENGTH

    3. in the field
    A. set your claymore and unroll your wire.
    B. attach one end of your wire to battery terminal
    C. wait for target
    D. when ready connect other wire to other terminal (which completes the electric circuit and will cause the igniter to combust. This lights the fuse of the claymore and BANG)

    *** putting this together and making it work takes a bit of experience so I suggest you practice before you play. figure out how to best wire the fuse so that it works everytime. also get to know how long the wire can be and carry the charge from the battery. (the strength of the battery makes a difference too...weak battery's won't set off the igniter from the same distance that a fully charged on will.

    hope it helps have fun

    3 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    LOL very good, you could also have a model rocket all put together and have it angeled at a gun on the ground and have the detanatoyr with you and shoot the rocket at them! a rocket to the gut wont feel too good huh?