Airsoft FAMAS Custom (SMR Build From Black Ops)

Introduction: Airsoft FAMAS Custom (SMR Build From Black Ops)

This is an instructable about how to modify a Cybergun Spring Op FAMAS to look like the SMR from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. If you haven't played the game, it'll basically make a unique looking bullpup style spring rifle.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials:

Make sure you do all plastic work in a well ventilated area. Most of the Dremel work I did here produced plastic fumes.

To start, Get a Cybergun FAMAS! I bought mine from It's the SV Tactical version, which came with a grip, a barrel shroud, the cheapest red dot sight known to man, a flashlight that looks cool but doesn't really light anything up, and a sling. It was the same cost as the FAMAS that doesn't have any of these accessories, and the barrel shroud makes it look a whole lot cooler.

I used:
Phillips Screwdriver
Jv Weld

Not needed, but helpful:
Dremel Tool
Black Spray Paint

Step 2: Lets Start Destroying!

So, first, cut off the giant rail/carrying handle. I cut about here. I used the small ledge in the picture to guide my cut. It was arbitrary at the time, but in the end, the height was important because this is where I mounted my rail for the sights. Basically, you want it as high as you can, so you have enough material to work with, but you want it low so the sights are closer to the barrel. It's a balancing issue that will depend on where you are comfortable with having your sights located. When you're cutting, watch out for screws used to hold the old iron sights in. Try to remove all of the screws that will be in the way of your cutting. The less metal in your path, the better.

On the second picture, make sure that you save the tagged part. I ended up going on a different path that how I started, and if I had thrown this part away, it would have been impossible to finish.

Step 3: Post-Rail

Save this amount of the carrying handle. It will be used later. The rifle should look like the second pic after you're done. The barrel unscrews, and this makes it much easier to work with. You can also take this time to paint the barrel if you want to make it realistic, though this will make it most likely illegal to carry around. Also, there is a cheek guard that I've tagged. you can remove this by pulling it upwards. It should pop right off. The sling mounts can be pulled off as well, if you don't like the looks of them.

Step 4: Mistakes...

I originally wanted to make a rail out of PVC that would extend the length that the old rail did. I used the Dremel to cut the length I wanted and a heat gun to flatten it. In the end, it was too floppy and wouldn't have made a good base for optics. The good news is that my wasted hour is your gain, as you wont have to bother with PVC or heat guns at all.

Step 5: Trim

The charging handle doesn't need to be cut, I just did it to make it look more low profile. I can still load the weapon easily with this, but you should make sure you don't cut it too low, as there is no easy way to attach parts to make the charging handle larger. I kept it at the level of the old carrying handle posts to make it all look good.

Step 6: Let There Be Sights!

Take the section that to cut from the carrying handle earlier. You will want to shape it until it sits against the rear handle post very snugly. this was by far the most difficult part, because I had to keep shaving plastic off until I had a good fit. You will be JB Welding this on, so it should fit as well as you can get it. Sandpaper would help, as would a belt sander. I used my Dremel and the sidewalk.

Step 7: Weldage

I love JB Weld. If you don't know how to use it, go grab some from the hardware store. Mix the amount of paste you want in a 50/50 ratio from the tubes and stir it with a toothpick (Or whatever. You'll throw it away when you're done).
After making sure that the rail was a good fit, I coated it in JB and fitted it to the weapon. After using some paracord to make sure I had pressure on the bond and that it wouldn't go anywhere, I used my toothpick to fill in any gaps I saw. This will make sure that your sights don't fall off in a battle (Yeah, that happened. That's why I don't use that kind of superglue any more).

Step 8: Done!

All finished. I put the accessories back on and took some pics outside. I might try to make an angled fore grip (AFG) for it, which will be an instructable by itself. If I make the AFG, it will be using some old rail parts and I'll make it to fit any weapon with the rails.

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    6 years ago

    Perfect. I have this crap cybergun and have no idea on what to do with it.