Airsoft Grenade





Introduction: Airsoft Grenade

This airsoft grenade works well and uses common items. It does use a little firework though(some people don't like that) but it is easy and cheap to use, plus it isn't completely destroyed when used so it can be reloaded and used again and again. Hope you are able to construct this with my instructions...this is my first instructible. Enjoy!

Step 1: Tools/materials

You'll need-


-pocket knife

-PVC pipes(size hardly matters,whatever works)

-little dynamites of some kind(very cheap)

-airsoft bbs

-drill(just use whatever drill bit works for the size of firework you use)

-a liter for when you're done :)

Step 2: Building This Thing

Cut your PVC pipe about as long as I did, a little more than two inches(can be shorter or longer) I used a hack saw on mine, but whatever works for you.

Now you gotta drill a hole in the center of the PVC piece, and go all the way through to the other side, as straight as possible. The bit I used is 1/4 in. It's great for the fireworks I used. (Second image)

Make sure your fireworks fits snugly in both holes, And will not fall out. Put 10-15 bbs in one end, then shove a piece of paper in there tightly to hold them in. Do this in both ends and then you're ready to blow it up. ;)

Please don't hurt yourself or others with this... Because it really can do some damage.



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    7 Discussions

    I would use a cardboard tube for more by spread
    But other wise. Nice!

    what thickness of pvc?

    Yeah true it could always be upgraded and improved.

    I like the concept of this. It could use some more work though to try to make the BBs spread more but this is a great design. I like how cheap it is to make too. Keep it up!

    That a great idea Caleb ;) I like it and it works pretty good