Airsoft MG Nest

Introduction: Airsoft MG Nest

This is a brief yet informative tutorial that will help build effective and semi permanent Machine gun emplacement for airsoft and paintball scenarios
you will need
A shovel or e tool
1/2inch plywood
a bucket
a hatchet or ax
an airsoft or paintball weapon
saw horses
Rock rake

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Step 1: Location,Location,Location

Once known only as a meaningless phrase used by Realtors this becomes very important in bunker building
-you should base the position of the nest on where enemy units are likely or will be forced to group together 
-You should always know the location of pipes and cables before any digging project
-avoid picking an area that was formerly underwater(your MG nest becomes a small fortified pond after one storm
-finally you should use what landforms already exist to avoid extra work (ie digging into a creek side

Step 2: Plan

Decide the dimensions of the nest use the rock rake or a shovel to scrape away vegetation and clear sod away you should have something like this
*the depth of this step should only be a matter of inches

Step 3: Depth Planning

Now it is time to decide the depth. just remember that the wider your area is the deeper you can go without risking structural failure and being buried alive. a safe depth for this size of hole in the 3d model is about 4 feet

Step 4: Dirt Removal System

Digging is essentially removing dirt from an area. to make our job as professional as possible we are going to organize the process.
a simple frame of a saw horse, a 2x4, a pulley,rope,and  a pickle bucket will expedite this. load each once you are 2ft down get in the hole and shovel the dirt into the pickle bucket then you can easily hoist it to the surface. make sure to dump it atleast 2 ft from the edge of the pit to reduce the risk of collapses

Step 5: Start Digging

dig some dirt out put it in the bucket, hoist out, dump. Repeat untill your hole is approximately 4ft deep.
you may have to use the hatchet to chop through tree roots throw the root pieces in a separate pile

Step 6: Clean Up Walls

Use your shovel to make the walls as smooth as possible 

Step 7: Shoring

lay plywood at the bottom of the hole to prevent sinking
nail 2x4s to the ply wood to hold the walls in place
if your soil is especially loose you may wish to add some thin plywood to the studs.

Step 8: Protective Burm

Now take all that dirt you have removed and use it to make a low wall about 1 foot high around the perimeter of the nest.
If you pulled out any rocks in the process start by laying those as a base for the burm approximately 1 foot from the edge.
after you have layed a single layer pack clay or mud into the spaces in between. add a second layer and fill the resulting crevices with mud or clay. at this point the parpet should be no more than 8 inches high and about 2 ft wide at the base.
now take your soil and completely cover the rock wall packing it down after each layer. once the burm is at the desired height you  should pack it down and go get your weapon that you intend to use.

Step 9: Adjustments

Now you will need to adjust the nest to fit your specific needs.
Pop out the bi pod on your weapon and set it just on the opposite side of the burm.
if the gun is to high when you are shooting from the nest you can dig a trench about  1-4 inches deep for the bi pod to sit in
if the magazine or stock of the weapon are sitting on the burm making it hard to move you can at this point cut the burm with a shovel to fit the requirements of the operator.
If you are going to cover the nest during games option 1 is the best bet

Step 10: Finished

and now you are done.
if you want at this point you may make a roof frame from 2x4 lumber and pile sticks and other local debris on it for camoflage or add a piece of 1/2 inch plywood covered in about a foot of dirt.

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    6 Discussions


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks it actually works very well.
    We have set up MGs Sniper units,Spotters and an experimental 40mm weapon i built(more on that in a later ible) we put netting over it and decimated people who had the "rich kid" guns there were 5 of them and my spotter and i wiped them out.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thats preety sweet, when you post that instructable you should tell me cuz id love to see it


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Ahh sketchup where can you go wrong...
    nice idea and ible, love the use of sketchup you have used on it.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah i kind of forgot to document when i dug the hole. and als it was pitch black when i wrote the ible so i just made a sketch rendering of it.