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This is a guide for medics. The injuries you fix are not airsoft wounds but are real wounds such as broken bones cuts and medical injuries. Some times you offer support until 911 arrives if it's major.

Step 1: Guns N' Ammo

Most medics have shot guns as they can defend the patient with a wide wall of plastic. I recommend buying the shells above because instead of 10 rounds they have 30 I also recommend buying the gun because it only costs 60$(and the shells cost 20$).

Step 2: Gear

Most medics have special tools to cut open bandages and check for concussions this kit here costs 26 $ and has most medic tools you need. you can find it at the buff shop online. Medics also need regular gear such as masks camo vests etc.

Step 3: The End

Be safe and be careful and have fun



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    5 years ago

    Yeah but one time my friend fell out of a tree and I helped him but I got shot 6 times In the ear but you also want to play right?

    Your treating serious wounds;why bother with a gun shouldn't common decency be don't shoot the medic and or patient? Still coll guide though :)


    5 years ago