Airsoft Pen Gun! New



Step 1: You Will Need...

Duck tape , up to 2 rubber bands , a bic papermate 0.7 mm pencil , a pen that has a hollow long center peice , and a knife or scissors!

Step 2: Remove the Pens Inner Components.

Take out the insides of the pen so you can clearly see a full circle when you look through it!

Step 3: The Pencil...

The pencil's inside's are your main operating system. You pull back and release to launch the Airsoft bb. First you screw off the cap of the pencil. Then you take out the inside operating system. Slide the white part back until you see a gold thing. cut it off. . Cut off the very tip.slit a hole about half length down. Your rubber band will sit there. Your down with that.

Step 4: You Will Use These Items for the Rest of the Process.

Step 5: Final Step!

Insert the pencil inside into the pens outer body! If your pencil tip is longer than the pens body trim it down where you can fit a bb inside. Slip the rubber band into the slit you made in the eraser earlier! Then reinforce it with duck tape.

Step 6: How to Load and Fire!

Slip the bb into the top of the pens body. Then pull the eraser part back. And release.



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