Airsoft Sniping

This is my second instructable and I hope you like it! In this instructable I am going to tell you how to do better as an airsoft sniper. If there are any topics I do not cover and you want me to add it just post your topic and i'll update it as soon as possible.

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Step 1: Which Gun?

Like I said in my guide to airsoft you really have to pick this yourself. Although the gun doesn't make or break the sniper ( a quote from airsoft, check it out! ) it is still nice to have a decent gun. A sniper rifle should be over 400 FPS and should be accurate at about 200-250 feet. It could also come in handy to have a scope ( for accurate aiming ) and a bipod ( to steady your aim). Check out for guns and accessories.

Step 2: Camo

Like I said in my first instructable, ghillie is the best. If you don't have access to ghillie ( or access to the money for ghillie ) ordinary camo is better than nothing. At ghillie is $89.95.

Step 3: Moving Silently

This will be very important if you want to be a good sniper. If moving slowly is not an option, try stepping on your heel and rolling your foot.If you can move slowly, stepping flat on your foot is usually more quiet. When crawling move very slowly, you should move about an inch every 30 seconds. Try not to walk on dry leaves, if you can't stay where the least amount of leaves are.

Step 4: Tips

When running from someone try to run around a corner or something to break the line of sight between you and your enemy and then quickly duck down in cover. This usually works pretty good for me. While aiming hold your breath, this will steady your aim. If the enemy is near, but does not see you, cover the bright, orange tip of your gun wich can easily be seen in the dark-green forest.

Step 5: Conclusion

Well, I hope you learned some things about airsoft sniping! And remember, if you want me to add something I didn't cover, tell me and I'll post it as soon as I can. By the way please comment/subscribe and check out my blog, the link will be below.



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    5 Discussions


     Yup, just trying to get the information out there.  
    Evike is also quite spotty- they've been trying to up their reputation, but before, the clerks ran around the store pointing the guns at each other.  Not so good.
    Generally, the only advisable sites to buy from are Airsoft GI, Airsoft Extreme, Airsoft Atlanta, Redwolf, and WGC Shop (the last two are Hong Kong based).  In addition to your local store.  In fact, if you know there's a small airsoft-specialty shop near you, go there first.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    A ghillie is minimal.  You must dress it up using local flora.  There should be absolutely no bare skin.  Use face paint and even thin cotton gloves.  Running is not an option for a getaway.  Choose your spot wisely, and only as close to your target as you need to be.  A single shot will be heard.  A second shot will point out your direction because they are now listening: One shot, one kill.  Its not just an 'accuracy'  thing, its also your life saver, many times.  A good spot will have a decent escape route, and you can be running, out of sight of your enemies, before anyone knows what hit them. Silence is paramount, movement is like that of a sloth, with your eyes on everything.  Know when to stop and move.  Be more patient than you thought you ever could be, and then some.

    Oh, and they really can't hear your heart beating at light speed.