Airsoft Spring Pistol Flashlight Mod

Introduction: Airsoft Spring Pistol Flashlight Mod

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This is basic Spring pistol mod that can be used for shooting in the dark, or at night play.

Warning: I am not responsible for any damage or harm you may cause to your gun or your surroundings.
These mods are fairly straight forward, so nothing is likely to happen, but please use them at your own risk. Remember to stay safe when playing Airsoft: Using safety equipment and proper eye protection.

Step 1: Gun Used: Colt 1911 Target

Even though the Colt 1911 Target is a target training pistol and is spring powered, I use it for small airsoft wars or as secondary on the field. Since the gun is spring powered and you have cock it back everytime, using it in the night and holding a flashlight can be a challenge, so I decided to switch the laser that comes with it out for a small tac light. This mod can work with other guns depending on the rails the gun comes with, you may need to buy a mount.

Airsoft Spring pistol
Laser with Mount
Small flashlight (dollar store) $1

Step 2: Laser and Mount

Slide the laser in the mount off of the gun, undo the screws and loosen it. If yours didn't come with a laser and mount, then you may have to buy one and the flash light. The mod is just to explain that if you have a laser that comes with it you can substitute it for a tac light.

Step 3: Shoot in the Dark.

Now with this mod you can shoot in the dark on the field or shoot targets at night. This is a fairly easy mod that's basic to understand.

Stay tuned for more mods and tutorials in the future.

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    Thank you, I have am currently working on my on more mods for the future