Airsoft Suppressor.

Introduction: Airsoft Suppressor.

Hello all that are reading this. I have been looking for a good, cheap way to make an airsoft suppressor. I think I found a good way.

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Step 1: Supplies.

You won't need any expensive tools or supplies at all. Most can be found around the house. You will need: 1 expo marker 2 nerf darts 1 bic pen Some thin cardboard(gift boxes work the best) Tools: Pliers Good scissors.

Step 2: Gutting the Expo Marker

You will need the scissors or a tool to pull out the back end of the marker. I used scissors to wedge it out, and it worked pretty well. After, take your pliers and pull out the felt tip of the marker. Take that, the end, and the piece inside the marker and throw them away. You won't need them anymore.

Step 3: Making the Barrel

This step is very similar to the previous one, but you're doing it to a pen. The pliers are a good tool for this one. Once you have pulled it apart, all you will need is the plastic shell. Place the shell in the expo marker so you can see how much extra pen you have. Cut off the remains.

Step 4: Padding.

This one is a tad confusing, but bear with me. Take a piece of card board and cut it the size of the pen. Don't make it too long, because you will need to roll it up. Once you did that, roll it up working it around a little. You should have a roundish tube when you are done. Place it in the marker tube, and trim it if needed.

Step 5: Nerf Dart Time

Take the two nerf darts, and pull the heads off so you have the orange pieces( yours can be different color). Take the pen shell and slide it inside the foam cylinder. You will notice it's too small, that's why you have a second dart. Place that one on, and cut off the extra

Step 6: Assemble!

Take the nerf tube you made and slide it into the marker. The cardboard tube should be in the marker once you slide it in. Work it around a little, and make sure it fits.

Step 7: Paint and Finish.

Feel free to paint it how ever you want. I used crappy paint, so it started to peel off. Your gun may need some duct tape around the nozzle of the suppressor to make it fit. The gun I used it on needed a little, but others don't need any. Thank you for reading, and I hope it helped!

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    CSI worker
    CSI worker

    4 years ago

    Nice what model is that the M1911 A1?


    6 years ago

    Would this work

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