Airsoft Tips




Introduction: Airsoft Tips

Here are some tips u need to airsoft

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Step 1: You Need a Good Gun

When you airsoft you need to buy a good gun. I prefer a medal gun rather than a plastic gun because it will not break as easy and it's better quality. In order to get a good quality gun with high capacity and a high fire rate and also has a high fps the gun will usually be expensive but once your in the game, it's worth it!

Step 2: Needed Equipment

First off you will definitely need camo clothes. You want camo because you want to blend in with the woods and trees around you so that nobody can see you. Also you will need a mask. Don't go for the ones that look cool because sometimes they break easily. Go for the masks with good quality and padding. Next you will need either a best or a back pack. I prefer a a vest because when you have a back pack you have to take it off our back but when you have a vest it is right in front of you. You need the vest to put other equipment in such as a secondary pistol, extra mags, or speed reloaders. You definitely need extra mags. When your on a game you never want to run out of ammo so always bring extra mags. Lastly, if you are in an airsoft clan, you will need a patch so if you have a patch, then you need to have Velcro on your best so that you can attach your patch to your vest

Step 3: Airsoft Tactics

When you airsoft you need a tactic plan. You need an ambush plan to attack. You also need a place to hide so u should find a hole on the ground or make one so that you have the advantage because they have a small target to shoot at.

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