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Introduction: Airsoft Gear/weaponry/equipment

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Hi. In my airsoft wars, the objective is to capture the enemy fort while defending yours. This is the 101 on airsoft gear, weaponry, and equipment useful in doing so. Above, you have a picture of me duped out and ready to go. 

Step 1: Overview

Overall, I carry a handful of crap suitable for my role. I'm in the light infantry (shock troopers). However, we pack a couple guns, for our tactics require fast-paced guns-blazing fighting. On top of my head is an old cowboy hat. I wear the shemagh around my head to keep out dirt, dust, and protect my face against twigs that may cause scratches as I run by trees. As far as webbing goes, I have 2 items: an old saddle bag and a younger hip bag. We'll break those down later. 
  On my waist is an olive-green belt that holds up my U.S.M.C. standard-issue desert pants (I got them from a friend, but you can get them from an Army surplus store). I tucked the cuffs of my pant legs into my standard-issue U.S.M.C. desert boots. You don't see them in this picture or anywhere in the instructable, but I keep an E-tool cover with an E-tool on my left hip and a canteen cover with a canteen on my right. Both are standard Marine-Corps issue.  
  With weaponry, you can see my two pistols, knife, main rifle, and, just below my sleeve line in my hip bag, my little auto. 

Step 2: Primary

My primary rifle is a pump-action single-fire rifle that shoots metal BBs. To shoot, the gun has to be off safety, I have to load it by cocking it, pump it once or more, then its ready to fire. A little slow, but my carbine broke. I'm saving up for an automatic/semi-auto M4. 
  My rifle had a buttstock that made it a superb sniper. However, it broke off while my brother was using it. The rifle still maintains very good accuracy and range, it just can't shoot fast enough. It makes up for this by outranging the enemy. 

Step 3: Colt 1911 .45

My Colt 1911 .45 1:1 scale pistol is excellent; 15 round clip, good enough range.... but it's a springy. Gotta cock it after each shot. My 1911 tends to have a slightly longer range than my Beretta, but it's slower firing. 

Step 4: Beretta

The icing on the cake, the pistols of all pistols, my Beretta! Her range is slightly lower than my 1911's, but she's semi-auto, being a gas pistol. Her position on my saddle bag allows me to draw her quicker and easier than my 1911 because my Beretta will probably be the pistol I draw. She's also more accurate than my 1911. 

Step 5: Little Auto

My little auto is for emergencies only or for CQB (close-quarters-combat). If I loose track of my other guns or/and my other guns jam, here's the gun I use. If the battle comes down to an area in a very rocky or/and wooded area, this little gun may come in handy. However, she's very inaccurate, short-range, and her magazine doesn't hold enough ammo; she runs out of ammo too quickly. 

Step 6: Knife

I carry this tucked into the exterior of the saddle bag in an area it'll be easily drawable. If an enemy closes in on me, or I close in on an enemy, I can use this to quickly win. Hand-to-hand is part of my airsoft wars. However, with all that gear, it becomes difficult to fight close up and personal. so, I carry this to win quicker. 

Step 7: Saddle Bag

As Light Infantry, I only carry what I'll need directly in battle or following immediately before/after it. On the front part of the saddle bag, I carry two water bottles and ammo. The picture above shows exactly how it's arranged in my pouch. In the back pouch, I carry stuff I don't need as badly; a couple gronilla bars and a couple small raisin boxes. The bulk of my gear is kept at the fort, including more water, more ammo, more gronilla bars, more raisin boxes, my pillow, and my sleeping bag.  

Step 8: Hip Bag

In the hip bag, I carry a pair of binoculars and my little auto. That's about it.

Step 9: Terrain and Conclusion

My area's terrain dictates what I wear; I live right by a rocky canyon we play at. Another area includes a vast, open area of sage desert. Then there's the rocky pine forests in my area. My combat wear only really changes in February/January when there's snow on the ground. 
  Well, hope you got some ideas of how to carry your airsoft gear and what to carry. 
 Note: On this part, I do NOT own the pictures above, but they are of the EXACT area I play on. I'll have pics of the canyon and the area on soon.



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    Mmmm, pics of you would have been nice. I would like you to repost them with your pictures. I wanted to see your real troops and all that.

    They're comin; my 2 instructables (this one included) don't have anything off the internet.

    I only pump it once; one pump, its fps is only 295; most airsoft prmaries are better than that! I'm savin up for an airsoft gun, and though it shoots plastic BBs, it shoots them at 420 fps.

    11 replies

    Doesn't matter, dude. The difference in weight and hardness between plastic and metal, I imagine still puts a lot of force into those metal BBs that thing's firing out. And because it's harder than plastic more of the impact has to be absorbed by the skin. Nobody in their right mind would let you enter any sort of airsoft competition with that thing.
    It's not even airsoft!
    420FPS is what it says, don't forget that that's only muzzle velocity. Also, that's a bit too high for most fields or competitions.
    There's not one field or anything for airsoft I can think of where I am, but I've read a lot of competition's rules and usually they cap it at about 375FPS for AEGs.

    I've shot m'self in m foot with that thing pumped once. Barely felt it.

    Irrelevant, man.
    For the record, though, were you wearing shoes?

    The point is, airsoft guns, paintball guns, meant for shooting at people. BB guns aren't. No matter how little you pump it or how little you felt it. And nobody, ever, would let a BB gun into a field or competition.

    It's like throwing forks at someone. "Hey, they're not knives." doesn't cut it.
    No pun intended.

    Yea, I had shoes. And my BB gun is allowed on my field. Laurence, the commander of the other team, says my BB gun is much less painful than my pistol. Don't hurt as much, doesn't do any damage. No one's gettin hurt anymore than if I used another gun I own.

    You've got a lucky exception, then. And only at the one location.
    Still, I can say that I'd never go to an event where I'd be getting shot with metal BB guns. Ever. It's just not as safe.
    Please, man, the moral of my story is don't be posting a guide for airsoft if you're not using the proper equipment. I really do like airsoft and I hate to see anyone discouraged, but I think if you're going to do something, do it right.

    Understood,bro. I would NOT use my metal BBs if i didn't have proof and 100000000000% confidence it was unsafe. Its safe, man.

    I respectfully disagree, simply out of principal. But this argument has, I think, run its course.
    On another note, didn't you used to have more instructables up? Did you delete some?

    I got an airsoft rifle I'm usin in replacement of the BB gun. I agree now; BB guns AREN'T airsoft guns and stuff, not what they're made for.

    I used to have a bunch of instructables, but I deleted them to redo them with my own pics.

    Oh, right, you were that guy, haha.
    I almost completely forgot about this site. I think I might become active again, though. I've got more resources now.
    And a job.
    Looking forward to your stuff, though.

    The most expensive thing there is your pants (which aren't USMC standard anymore, look up marpat). And don't use metal bb guns for airsoft, that's just not cool.

    1 reply