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This instructable is for a mini shotgun that can be attached to an airsoft gun or anofher gun, it's kind of a cross between a grenade launcher and shotgun. it only needs a few items:
1. party poppers
2. airsoft pellets
3. airsoft gun or something to attach it to
4.duct tape
5.pvc pipe that's slightly wider than your party poppers
6. pvc endcap that fits the tube
inspiration from molybdenim

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Step 1: Create Ammunition

the first step is to creat the rounds to be fired. first, take the popper, and take off the top paper cover. remove all of the confetti, and fill the popper with airsoft pellets. replace the paper cover, and you have your ammo!

Step 2: Make the Barrel

To make the barrel, take the endcap, and drill a hole in in slightly larger than the little thing that holds the string and charge in the popper so that it can be pulled through. Glue the cap onto the pipe, and cut the pipe to preffered barrel length. Longer barrels equals greater accuracy, but you want to be able to pull the used ammo out and replace it. Paint it up, or do whatever you want, and you're almost ready!

Step 3: Last Step! Attaching It!

Now that you have your barrel and ammo, attach the barrel to the gun by duct taping it or whatever you want. Now for the fun part!

Step 4: How to Use

To use the shotgun, load a round you made into the barrel, with the string side facing backwards, and thread it into the hole you drilled previously. also, push it in as far as it will go(twss). now, just point, aim, and pull the string to shoot! i'll post a vid soon demonstrating, but comment on how it went for you and any ideas!

photo credit to:zachdechant,,,,

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    6 years ago on Introduction


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. I am going to try that except I will use 5 party poppers! :P


    7 years ago on Step 4

    i made the shell and made a technic/nxt case to make it fire. it has a trigger but no aming


    8 years ago on Step 4

    Hella sik idea, but I think u should work on improving it


    9 years ago on Introduction

    ya i tried it but doesn't work well it is fun to put flower into them

    Thats... Pretty awesome. I might try that out. But id like. Glue 6 to a piece of pvc and make a grenade launcher. When it runs out ill put it in my bag for reloading ore replacing.