Airsoft\bb Gun DIY

Introduction: Airsoft\bb Gun DIY

Hello guys!!! Happy Easter!

Have you ever wanted a cool air soft sniper rifle, but never had enough money to buy one?
We'll then this is your lucky day!!

Disclaimer: it won't be magazine fed or automatically fired. It's just a cool, fully functional, balloon powered gun

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Step 1: First Things First

SAFETY!!! This build more than any other, I want to reenforce the whole, "I can't be held responsible," thing. Don't hurt your self or anyone else with this awesome gun

Tools and materials
Drill press
Dremel with sanding bits
Exacto blades
Spray paints
EVA foam
PVC tube
Hot glue gun with glue sticks
One large balloon
Duct or masking tape
One 1/2 wooden dowel

Step 2: Make It Shoot!!

Simply slide your balloon over the end of the tube and secure it with tape. At this point, this tube and balloon could shoot.

Use the drill press to cut a 15/64 hole in the barrel ( for loading pellets/bbs)

To shoot, load a pellet into the hole you made and tip the barrel so the pellet falls into the balloon, pull the balloon back with the pellet between your fingertips and let it fly!!!

Step 3: Now for the Body

I designed my gun's body for myself, but you can do it in any way you want. Make two of these

Step 4: Thickness and Firmness

Just look at the pics

Step 5: Attaching the Barrel

Glue the barrel to the top of your gun. Make sure the hole you drilled is facing up

Step 6: Sanding, Detailing, Painting

Sorry guys, I forgot to document anything after mounting the barrel until the gun was finished

All I did was add extra parts onto the top of the barrel and add a grip for the slide(purely aesthetics)

I cut grooves into the but-stock and front of the rifle. Then I sanded everything to smoothness and beauty.

For painting, I gave the whole rifle a flat coat of black and distressed it by rubbing in silver spray paints. I add ed stripes by taping off certain regions and painting them with blue spray paint.

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    3 Discussions

    Big Baneser
    Big Baneser

    5 years ago

    :) Well it is a good one!


    5 years ago

    Well I'm glad you appreciate my idea

    Big Baneser
    Big Baneser

    5 years ago

    Cool! It actually has a reloading feature exactly as I imagined it would be (I was thinking about it just before I read about it)!