Albero Di Luce Lampshade




Introduction: Albero Di Luce Lampshade

Albero Di Luce Lampshade

Step 1: Materials

the materials used


- transformer

– 20 w lamp

- electric switch

– glass chandelier balls

- chain

- glue

– parallel glamp


First of all , I pared barks of the boughs and cut the one of three boughs. Then I consolidated the cut bough with the bough that is toward the cut one.

Secondly, I carved top of the bough and put lighting system to there. I added a few twigs on the of the bough and also pierced on that twigs. I dangled glass chandelier balls from the holes by using chains.

Lastly, I immobilized the lamp inside of the other bough and reflected the light in the glass chandelier balls.

Step 2: Construction Period

Albero Di Luce Lampshade

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