Alcohol Detection - Automatic Car Engine Locking System

Introduction: Alcohol Detection - Automatic Car Engine Locking System

These days, maximum street accidents occurs for reasons including drinking and driving cases. So many families get ruined for that reason. The main vision for this project is to stop people from drinking and driving causing road accidents.

So this is a prototype version to curb drinking and driving. If a driver has been drinking, the sensor will detect the level of alcohol in the driver's breath and if it crosses a set threshold, an alert will come and the engine will stop.

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Step 1: Sensors Required

Alcohol sensor is the main requirement. In the alcohol sensor there is a Vcc, Ground, 1 analog and 1 digital read ports are available. The sensor i.e. used here is MQ-3.

Step 2: Hardware: Intel Edision Mounted on an Arduino Breakout Board

The main hardware of this project is Intel Edison mounted on an Arduino Breakout board. Here in the picture Intel Edison board connected with a seed studio Arduino compatible shield is shown.

The specification of this board is:

  1. 20 digital input/output pins, including 4 pins as PWM output
  2. 6 analog inputs
  3. 1 UART (Rx/Tx)
  4. 1 I2C
  5. Micro USB device
  6. SD card connector
  7. DC power jack (7 to 15 volt DC input)

Step 3: Connecting the Sensor With the Edison Board

Here in this step the connection of Edison with the alcohol sensor is shown. The alcohol sensor is connected with A0 pin of the Edison board. The sensor senses the breath or value and sends it to the Edison board which has an Intel Atom processor. The sensor got the value from the breathe analyzer and it will be visualized in the serial monitor.

In the above figure the connection of Edison and alcohol sensor is shown.

In the above figure when the image of alert is shown i.e. when the value crossed the threshold value a message is displayed on the LCD.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Can u give me code?Have you optimised this algo. according to people as each one has different capacity to handle dizziness due to alcohol.


    3 years ago

    Hopefully this keeps some people safe :)