Alesis Drum Pad Mesh Head Conversion With Added Dual Zone




Changing to mesh heads and adding dual zone to an Alesis 8in Realhead drum pad. Modding the pad for better trigger response and feel. This will work on both 8in and 10in Alesis Realdrum pads.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi. Very interesting. I tried to buil a similar modification on an alesis snare rim pad ( 8 inches). It comes from a dd501 medeli kit. But i have a question: its a dual zone pad with resistors attached to the connection. When I disconnect the head piezo an tries to play only the rim piezo, the rim piezo triggers both: the head and the rim. Is it normal ? How can i fix this issue ? Thanks a lot for any help which would be really appreciated....

    3 replies

    Somewhere you have a short. You should not have both sounding if the one piezo is disconnected since it should act as an independent input. I would check everything over with a multimeter and look for shorts.


    Thks very much for your reply. It makes sense now. I will check my connections with a multimeter. Do you confirm that both ring of piezos should be connected to the sleeve and ceramic sizes to ring and tip connections of the jack ? I ll try without jack first. It might be damaged which would explain the issue...


    Yes that sounds right. i'm trying to remember how the resistors are soldered onto the plug. its been a while since i've done this mod.