Alexa, Flush the Toilet!




Introduction: Alexa, Flush the Toilet!

This Instructable has gone viral appearing on Tech Crunch, Mashable, Make Magazine, Yahoo's front page, Twitter, Feedly, Bing, and a bunch more!!!


(I am flush with appreciation)


Step 1: Alexa Controlled Toilet

I attended CES, and one of the displays was a $6000 Alexa controlled toilet,

and I thought to myself


(yes, I did think this is all caps)

So I did my research and purchased a Swash 1400 'Washlet" toilet seat

One of the advantages of this unit, is it has a RF remote.

Which brings me to:

Step 2: IR in the WC

[UPDATE 3/22/18]

I 'hacked' the broadlink limitation and created 22 "television" devices

Each 'device' is named the corresponding button on the remote, and I can Turn them 'on and off'

using alexa - I lost my ability to create scripts, but am working on it

BroadLink - IR Control Hub Works with Amazon Alexa, RM Mini3 Smart Home Wi-Fi Enabled Infrared Universal Remote Control, One for All Control

This little guy can be trained using your phone, and has an alexa interface its cheap at $23

Picture #2 is the Control Buttons for the Virtual Washlet IR Controller.

BUTT (yea, humor) the magic voodoo for your doodoo comes HERE

Step 3: The Royal FLUSHER

THIS little beauty is the intelligence that makes it all happen.

Using a very intuitive programming language -- I added in a "flush" command

(which triggers a 3V relay) that sends a momentary On/Off)

The relay I am using is a KEST - KS2E-M-DC3 -- I prefer DPDT relays for their

versatility and small size and that Triggers . . . THIS

[Editors note: Picture #2 is me building an 'external' flush relay for more versatility]

Step 4: Auto Flusher

TECHO Touchless Toilet Flush Kit Wave Automatic Motion Sensor Battery Operated unit

It goes into your toilet tank, and when activated it turns a motor that lifts the flapper on your toilet to flush it

It has a wave detector that is on the top side of your toilet as well.

I hacked the unit and found two wires when joined, activate the unit.
(picture 2)

I put the Adafruit feather board, and relay in the inside of the flush unit, stole the 5V to power from the internal batteries that powers the flush unit.

I programmed the feather, with the name "toilet" with a command "Flush"

Step 5: Hands Free

The Swash does a great job of 'cleaning up the mess that is me'

the costs?

$649 for The swash 1400

$46.00 for the auto flusher

$23.00 for the Broadlink IR

$17.00 for the Adafruit board (alexa interface)

All the comforts of that $$$$ toilet for a LOT LESS

and I am GERM FREE...

Step 6: Interacting With Alexa

I have had an issue with the device name (which is 'Toilet')

Alexa would only allow me to say "Alexa Turn on Toilet" -- which just ain't no fun.

After some research I came across and article how to set up a "Routine"

where you can change the command to anything you like;

'Alexa, Flush Toilet' 'Alexa, flush the john' 'Alexa, enable system dump'

(you get the idea) Here is the Guide


Here is the Code for the Feather Board;

#include #include #include "fauxmoESP.h" #define WIFI_SSID "Your Wi-Fi Name" #define WIFI_PASS "Your_Password" #define SERIAL_BAUDRATE 115200 fauxmoESP fauxmo; #define TOILET_PIN 14 // ON YOUR FEATHER BOARD // PIN 16 UNUSABLE // PIN 0 UNUSABLE volatile boolean Toilet_state = false; // off by default! volatile boolean Toilet_desired_state = false; // off by default! // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Wifi // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- void wifiSetup() { // Set WIFI module to STA mode WiFi.mode(WIFI_STA); // Connect Serial.printf("[WIFI] Connecting to %s ", WIFI_SSID); WiFi.begin(WIFI_SSID, WIFI_PASS); // Wait while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) { Serial.print("."); delay(100); } Serial.println(); // Connected! Serial.printf("[WIFI] STATION Mode, SSID: %s, IP address: %s\n", WiFi.SSID().c_str(), WiFi.localIP().toString().c_str()); } void callback(uint8_t device_id, const char * device_name, bool state) { Serial.printf("[ECHO] %s state: %s\n", device_name, state ? "ON" : "OFF"); if ( (strcmp(device_name, "Toilet") == 0) ) { // TOILET Toilet_desired_state = state; // Remember the new desired state } } void setup() { pinMode(TOILET_PIN, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(TOILET_PIN, LOW); // Init serial port and clean garbage Serial.begin(SERIAL_BAUDRATE); Serial.println(); Serial.println(); Serial.println("Echo Control"); // Wifi wifiSetup(); // Fauxmo fauxmo.addDevice("Toilet"); // works fauxmo.onMessage(callback); } void loop() { fauxmo.handle(); if (Toilet_state != Toilet_desired_state) { if (Toilet_desired_state) { // Transition to on Serial.println("activating..."); digitalWrite(TOILET_PIN, HIGH); delay(1000); // Safe to use delays here Serial.println("...Royal Flush"); digitalWrite(TOILET_PIN, LOW); } { // Transition to off digitalWrite(TOILET_PIN, HIGH); delay(200); // Safe to use delays here Serial.println("...turning off relay"); digitalWrite(TOILET_PIN, LOW); } // We handled the state change, so the desired state becomes the current state Toilet_state = Toilet_desired_state = false; } }

Step 8: Testing, Testing, Is This Thing On?

Here are some test videos of the Amazon working,

I have the test LED lit, so you can see the action as it happens.

I refuse to show you a video with me using it, and my camera isn't waterproof

Here is a test of the IR control

Step 9: Happy Bidet to YOU!!

Started Customizing the Electronic (phone) and Alexa Commands, - with custom scripting

Using both The alexa and the Broadlink -- Here are the control buttons for you!

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    19 Discussions

    Really creative idea!

    Why, have we become so lazy that we have to computerize our toilets. Pun intended, this is Crap.

    6 replies

    I agree about the "laziness" for normal humans, but there are many physically limited or handicapped seniors (my mother-in-law who is 90 years old) who have little strength to press the mechanical level. Maybe just the push button to activate the flush will be enough for her, but there is a real need for voice controlled automation in the world for others. So I applaud and recommend this "Instructable".

    Claudia, actually your question / statement is a good one..

    I have been 'doing it the old way' for 58 years, so at first I thought this a 'geeky gimmick' as well
    but now that I have been using it for a week, I am a LOT cleaner, both externally and internally.

    The fact that you are NOT TOUCHING anything lends itself to a cleaner experience

    plus I am sure germ factor is a LOT lower.

    You work very hard to be lazy



    There's this great new stuff called 'antibacterial soap", it's great, you should try it.

    I drink it by the gallon, I pair it with Tide pods.



    What 2 wires go from flush unit to the controller relay? Need a better picture of points on circuit board....

    1 reply

    I am adding to the Instructable, and will post more detailed photos of the controller.

    Where's the world going if we can't pee (or poo) without this b... of Alexa.

    3 replies

    LOL - I had an old GF who said that once to me, If the power goes out, or the internet goes out at my house, I will have to crawl under the bed to survive.

    Think there's still the manual way, in case of that? Like if you need to override the touchless way?

    Thanks for the nice words, No one is ever happy when you improve or come up with a cheaper way to do something.

    But if you are rich enough to drop $6500 for a toilet, I am sure I am NOT stealing any of their 'audience' (GRIN)
    And yea, there is the old fashion way to still flush the toilet with a handle, I am VERY aware that 'STUFF BREAKS'

    and sometimes, you have to go to 'basics'

    I love it! Great job. You are very clever, intelligent, and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing something on this level!(u do know, "they're" going to be mad at u now, right?) I don't care though! But then again, I'm not you. I guess you're the only one who cares or does not care if "they're" mad. Oh well, once again, imo, very very impressive and thank you for this write up!

    Did anyone else read this and start thinking of that "Better Call Saul" episode?

    1 reply

    I won't answer that question, till you fill out these forms!



    You DO NOT have to buy the Washlet, you could just use this instructable as a guide for a echo voice controlled flusher.