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Introduction: Alexa Go BOOM (box)

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I LOVE the Amazon Echo. I have them all over my house, and even one by the pool. But there are some times my geek peeps come over, wanna hang by the patio or fire pit, and just listen to some tunes. Now there are a BUNCH of Echos out -- but they're not really made for 'outdoor sound'. I have seen HIGH END units when I was at CES, costing several hundred dollars, with crippled features, like no ability to use it in 'group play'. I was hoping to find a BoomBox Alexa -- but there was none, no one makes one.


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Step 1: The BoomBox Prep

I bought a boombox from Salvation Army for $10 (truth is, I bought several for experimenting). It doesn't matter what brand you buy, just get one with a CD player mounted in the top.

(We are about to destroy it!)

Step 2: It's Gonna Get MESSY!

I picked up a hole drill the size of my Amazon Echo Dot and drilled an 'Echo-sized' hole into the CD plastic.

(WE HAVE PULLED OUT THE PLUG of the radio, haven't we?)

I then pulled out the CD playing guts part, taking care NOT to rip out any wiring.

Step 3: Tracing Out the Wiring

What we are looking for are 5 wires: three will be the audio and two wires will be power (usually Red/Black) I used a V.O.M (Volt/Ohm/Meter) to locate the right wires, and the audio wires are usually be grouped together.

(Picture #3)

Step 4: Testing Audio

Just hand twisting wires, you can confirm you have the right wires, Play some tunes. CONFIRM!

Step 5: Testing Power

I was a bit surprised that the internal CD player draws 7.16V (dc) -- so you need to add a

Diatone 5V 2Amp Voltage Regulator into the wiring to keep it at 5V (dc) to power the Amazon Echo Dot

It's $2.00 plus shipping. Just remember the Echo draws a BIT of amperage at 5V - you need something that has more than the normal .5 amp converters.

Step 6: Long Live the Neighborhood Gentrified Blaster!!

LOL - even outdoors Alexa is still uppidy!


Remember in the movie, 'Miracle on 34th street', where the court recognizes Santa, because a federal agency sent him mail at the court house?

Well, this is how I am feeling. If you do a search in Google for "Alexa Boombox" THIS Instructable shows first, meaning that according to Google, the only Amazon Echo boombox, is THIS ONE and for that I AM SAD.

Why can't the companies who produce electronics ever have an original idea? There were thousands of Bluetooth speakers, all BRAGGING how they are the best thing since sliced bread, well guys, your bread is moldy!

Maybe some company will see this Instructable and MAKE ONE. Hell, I would be the first to buy one.

(well, if it's as good as mine)


So CORPORATE AMERICA, get off your ASSETS and make one!


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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Hi Andy, I show the wiring... Am I missing something?

    and yes no wifi - amazon die!

    but its a BOOMBOX, so hit the radio! :)


    2 years ago

    That's great, but you don't show how they are wired together and the Echo Spot has solved the issue, you have created.
    Lose the Wi-Fi signal and the Echo is redundant!