Alfa Romeo Mailbox




This is a 1.5mm Stainless Steel Alfa Romeo theme Mailbox for the die hard Alfa fan!

The box itself is quite large at 400mm hight x 275mm wide 550mm deep with a mail slot 240mm wide to except any standard size letters comfortably.

Some specialty tools required for this build:

  • Access to laser profile cutting.
  • Sheet metal folder.
  • TIG welding.

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Step 1: Profile Cutting

These three pieces make the rear end panel, the front panel (with mail slot) & the "Grille" which will be spaced out 20mm from the front panel to give the grille depth.

Attached is the DXF file ready to send to you local friendly laser profile cutter if you don't have direct access to one that is.

Step 2: Folding & Tacking

After folding each side panel to match the heart profile & tacking (TIG) the two side sections together, begin to tack the front & rear end panels in position.

Step 3: Welding

Fully TIG weld panels together managing heat so as to not warp the stainless sheet.

Step 4: Mail Slot

Tack into position the Mail Slot which also acts as a 20mm spacer. (The dimensions for the mail slot components can be found in the DWG file attached on Step 10). The slot is slightly angled upward for a few reasons: First being to guide the mail into the box, Secondly to aid with weatherproofing & lastly the bottom piece of the slot extends 20mm into the box to help with security & to also aid with weatherproofing.

Step 5: Spacers

Weld spacers into position. The 4x 20mm spacer dimensions & positions can be found in the DWG file attached on Step 10.

Step 6: Front Panel Paint

After all work on the mail slot & spacers is complete, paint the front panel matt black to give the grille definition once assembled.

Step 7: Rear Door

Use a 1mm cutting disk to cut the hole in the rear panel (Can be included in laser profile cut) to your desired dimensions & cut a door to suit, out of some scrap which is slightly bigger than the hole.

Weld door into position using a Stainless steel hinge which can be obtained from any decent hardware store.
Add a cabinet lock for security, which is also obtainable from any decent hardware store.

Fold up a hood for over the door a 25mm wide out of some scrap sheet for weatherproofing the rear door.

Step 8: Fix Grille

Tack weld the grille to the mail slot & spacers. Drill a 6mm diameter hole in the grill to line up with the top "U" shaped spacer & plug weld to grille (this will be hidden be the Alfa badge)

Step 9: Post & Base Plate

Use 50x50x1.6mm SHS Stainless Steel tube about 900mm long for the post. Use a grinder to profile a "V" shape in the top of the tube to suit the bottom of the main box & fully weld into position.

The base plate is 6mm thick Stainless Steel plate 150mm square with 4x 10mm diameter holes to fix the mail box to a concrete pad with 4x dyna bolts or equivalent.

Fully weld base plate to post.

Step 10: Badge & Finishing

The Badge I used is off a 1990s 156 Alfa Romeo which I obtained through a Auto Wrecker but these badges are available quite cheep & brand new on ebay.

Affix the Badge onto the grille with double sided tape or whatever adhesive you have on hand.

Remember to tidy up all your welds & remove all your hand prints with wax & grease remover.

Thanks =)

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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I appreciate yur workkk


    3 years ago

    Brilliant: I proudly have a 67 stepnose GTV in the garage and you have "shown me the way" to my next project. How could any Alfa Romeo owner not build one of these. I am going to paint mine Alfa Red and find an enamel 1946-1972 grill badge to use on the front grill door. What a motivator you are. !!!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice work, I like it a lot. Way to think outside the box!

    You could even make surround sound speakers with this design, out of MDF of course - and have the metal grill and car logo for the removable speaker cover.

    Tater Zoid

    5 years ago

    This is beautiful.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wholly Hell Yes!...Alphas are some of the sexiest cars out there, if you know about them and know what they can do then you know what i mean. Besides an Alpha, my other favorite is a BMW 2002....oh what i would give for one of those!

    So....when are you going into poduction?! ;-) Send me one!!!


    5 years ago

    This is absolutely awesome! Too bad at my apartment there is no place for a mail box. I'll have to keep this saved for future reference!