"Ali V1"!!! the Solder Helper/heat Sink

Introduction: "Ali V1"!!! the Solder Helper/heat Sink

make a solder helper/heat sink for less than 5 pesos(philippine money)  or less than 50 cent (doller)

Have you ever had an expierce soldering, where your holding the lead in one hand and the solder in the other and don't know how to place or position the two piece your soldering so you place them in the table trying to put the joint together? then you'll know how difficult it is. thats why i made "Ali"!!! v01, from the piece aligator clip. (hehehe)

its a very cheap and simple, yet usefull for hobbiest who use solder.
i know that there are better version of this 3rd hand soldering i think if thats what they call it.
but some parts are difficult to find. so this version is eacy and cheap to do.

also the design is double ali ends, so i dont need a base, just find a something where to clip one end and a part for the other.

the materials you'll need for 1 set:
1. wire
2. 2x aligator clip

then depending on how many youll make, then multiply it.

1.) small pliers

thats it.

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Step 1: The Materials

here, i use small aligator clips and an aluminum wire, cause in computers, they say they use aluminum heat sink, not sure if thats how it worked but i  used it anyways, (coz thats all i can find)

Step 2: Assembly

for the wire:

so eventually, the desired length of the wire depends on you, on how long will you be comfortable, for some reasson if you find it having a meter long as a helping hand if you have no table so u have to place it on the floor then by all means go ahead. but for me, i use about 3 to 4 inches.

for the aligator clip:
just remove the plastic cover, not sure if it would melt if you still place it there, but i didnt tried to find out, and the art dosent work for  me, unlike this, (all semi silver)

so evetualy the idea is simple, you place the wire in the small hole in the aligator clip, if it dosent have, (poor you coz you still have to drill) JOKE!!! just warp it around Semi-ly squizing so it to be secure.

then do both ends...

Step 3: Say Hi to ALI!!!

then go ahead and try to solder something, anything, just try it!!! and feel the comfort of not having any problem/difficulty!

P.S. about the no difficulty part, depending on the wire you use, if its to thick/stiff, you may have difficulty bending it to the desired position.  to soft and may have difficulty carrying the parts, unless if its light, then dont read the sentences prior to this statement, proceed to the next.

thats why i use aluiminum wire, coz its more soft and use a thicker one tobe a little stiff( and as i mentioned earlier, its all i can find =D)

so enjoy!!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very useful tip!But too bad I cannot use it since I do not have a soldiering iron(Wish I had one)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    tnx! der r alot of cheap soldering gun now a days, most are made from china=D (use extra precaution =D) beside other than soldering, i heard soldering gun can also be use for abc molding/melting plastic. (not surre if totaly hazard free....=?) so its a multipupose tool... if for some reason u buy one and really found no use for it, u can use it to heat ur coffee( =D this is a joke) leads is poisonous and its not totally water tyt( risk of Coffee drink SHOCK =D)