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Introduction: Alice's Wonderland in a Tiny Tin Gift

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Give the gift of Alice's Wonderland in the palm of your hand. 

Step 1: Supplies

Gather supplies:

Glue Stick,
Graft and Quickhold Glue,
Various scrapbook papers,
assorted stickers
Tiny tea cup and kettle
Tiny rabbit and clock (I got a lot of these off a 50 cent charm bracelet : ) ) 
Altoids smalls tin 
Small letters
Paper template

Step 2: Background Papers

Use the template to cut out the exact size of the insides of the tin, then glue in place
Cut a strip of paper the size of the inside rim of the bottom half of the tin.
Then glue in place
If you want to add anything to the "walls" of the scene do that at this point.

I made a little Cheshire cat out of construction paper. and made two paper banners and glued the letters between the banners.

I used the stripped paper to look like wallpaper.

For paper to paper application the glue stick works best.
For paper to metal, the quickhold glue works best.  

Step 3: Add Mad Props

Glue your little props in place. 
The table is made from a strip of paper with two bends for legs. I glued little paper legs on the edges of the supporting papers. 
the table cloth is two scalloped edge white paper circles bent in half. 
Believe it or not the tea cup and kettle are charms. I got them at Claire's. You can buy two charm bracelets for $10, usually their $9.50 each. You could buy the matching bracelet to go with your gift ! :) 

Use the quick hold glue for ceramic to paper. 

Step 4: Cover Me

The front cover is made of a thin paper cut and wrapped around the lid. 
Then wrap the lid edge with ribbon 1/4" works perfect. 

I made a little Alice portrait out of construction paper and black pen. 
Once that was glued down I just glued rhinestones in each corner of the lid.

Step 5: Wrap Up and Present

Let everything dry well. 

Then you're ready to gift! Of course, you can customize this as you like! 

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    So Cute! Wonderful idea!!!!!