Alien Egg for Face Hugger





Introduction: Alien Egg for Face Hugger

About: I'm a Designer, Creator, Inventor. #1 Hobby - brainstorming. I invented the Unicorn Poop cookie, as published here on instructables. And now I am a metalsmith. <3

I made this egg for my boyfriend because he is an Alien fan and Introduced me to the Trilogy/Quadrilogy. I made three of these eggs :) and I was excited about how they turned out. When I presented it/them to him, I put dry ice inside and had it flowing out of the top of the eggs. :D I painted a base and had it illuminated so you can see the crackle texture. Thanks for your time!



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    yo that is HOT how da hell did u make it seriously u need an instructable for it

    PLEASEEE show how to make this. You would be my favorite person in the WORLD. Also, does that open and close or is it just open all the time?

    not bad for a miniture,I`m currently working on a 540mmx1130mm relief carving of egg and face hugger plus some other related stuff.Also strating a predator carving very shortly too.

    alien carving050.jpgfacehugger051.jpgsetting out052.jpg

    this thing is freakin amazing I like the alien stuff but the face huggers have always scared me and this being near me when I wake up would make me piss myself please please tell me how to make this

    I don't watch alien movies...too creepy for me but that egg is fantabulous! Another web site showed how to make a dragon's egg from Harry Potter, real egg, hot glue, and paint, but a glass egg as amazing as yours would be even more tremendous! It would make a terrific gift for an adult fan of Potter, since it is glass. Again, FAN-TAB-YOU-LOUS!

    Wow, im impressed, you have done a great job there! i keep eyeing up a resin kit of the m41a pulse rifle! Also, personally, i think the first two films are far far better than the 3 and 4th.

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    i've never worked with resin, this was glass, but i want to work with resin lol. it looks really cool, textured, you can do almost anything with it, can't you? :D

    You should give resin a try, its cheaper, more robust - essentially you could take one of your eggs, make a silicon mould, from that mould you could make in the region of 500 resin copies, sell them for 10 pounds(20 usd) a piece, that makes 5,000 pounds to me. hmmm, maybe i should be doing this.

    haha! sounds like an idea, ive been meaning to make some moulds of my projects. If it goes well i might make it into an -ible.

    Oh, how cool! I love the dry ice idea, too. If you do another version, spring-load the facehugger. ;)

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