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Got some waste pieces of different patterns lying around and you want to make some thing from it to make a soft toy and to gift it,you have landed in the correct place

Step 1: Materials Required

  • some different patterns of cloth pieces
  • sharp scissors
  • thread
  • needle
  • different buttons
  • cotton balls
  • a pair of eyes

Step 2: Making the Circles

for both hands we need around 20 of these and for legs we need a little larger circles for legs and we need around 28 make these circles follow the video

Step 3: Making of Arms and Legs

arrange the circles in the suitable order which you like and the sew through them and then you have the arms and legs

Step 4: Making the Body

take a cloth with respect to the arms the ratio should be around 5:3 first sew the 3 sides from the back side and then invert and fill it with cotton and stitch the third side

Step 5: Assembling

attach the arms and legs to the body and sew the buttons to it. Now take 2 cotton balls and stick to the upper part of the body and then stick the eyes to the balls.

Step 6: Play

its play time!!!!



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