Alien Shadow Scarf

Introduction: Alien Shadow Scarf

 You can wear it, run from it, dance with it, hang out with it...don't be afraid, it really is a nice alien! 

I crocheted this Alien Shadow scarf with celery green acrylic yarn.
Using worsted weight yarn and a J hook I crocheted this alien shadow scarf in one piece. Starting with crocheting a circle for the head in sc, elongating one end by using taller stitches. After finishing the last round of the head with a slip stitch,  ch 2 then used hdc for the rest of the body. After crocheting the neck as long as you want it, continue off the row with a chain as long as you want the arm and one finger to be. To shape the finger tips turn at the end of the chain row and SC 5 times in the 2nd ch from hook, slip st in next  4 ch (working back along the ch) then ch 5 for the next finger and repeat steps as for the first finger, add a third finger the same way. Crochet all the way back across the arm and body and continue to ch off the other side of the body for the other arm, following all the same steps as the first arm. (end row at the end of arm closest to the body) After the arms are completed, increase at each side of body by using 2 hdc in first and last stitch of row. Continue to increase on each end until the body of the scarf is as wide as you like. (I increased over 4 rows for a total of 14sts across). Continue in hdc to make the body as long as you want. to shape the legs, hdc across half the body, ch 1, turn. Work in hdc for the length of the first leg. Dec on each end of row by working 2 sts together to shape ankle. For the cute little foot, hdc across the bottom of ankle, chain 5 (or as long as you would like the foot) , turn, hdc in 2nd  ch from hook and back across ch and ankle, dec last over last 2st by working 2 hdc together, ch1 turn. Repeat this row, increasing at toe end and dec at heel end until foot is as big as you like. (I like little feet!)  sc up the inside of the leg to the crotch and repeat all of the leg steps for the second leg.  Sc around the foot and up around leg and entire half of the body and head with the same color green. To create the shadow, tie off green and add grey or other contrasting color and sc around he other side. Crochet eyes and applique on. Embroider the nose. Wear around and enjoy!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    You look like you were having a blast! Cute fella you got there!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You are welcome! I wish you the best!

    you design the coolest stuff. sure enjoy reading your Instructables! Thanks