Alien Up-duction




Introduction: Alien Up-duction

This is the true story of what really happened to Carl Fredricksen and his dog, Dug. You didn't actually believe that balloon cover story did you? Carl did go Up, but it was evil aliens with a devious plot.

I've used Carl's house in this photo edit, but you can insert your own home or anything else that you prize. I'm using Photofiltre, a free image editing tool available at To see the finished, full size "Up-duction" please click here.

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Step 1: Enter Evil Aliens

The first step is to choose your images. I'm using Carl's house, and a really cool image of a UFO floor lamp made by Jason Dietz that I keep wishing I owned. If needed, crop the image of your house by tracing around it using the Selection Tool and Polygon or just fill in the space around it using the Fill and Paintbrush tools with green from the color palette.

Next, right click on your house, select Copy. Right click on your UFO image and select Paste. Right click on the pasted image and select Paste Options. Check the Transparency box and set the Tolerance to 20. Right click on the image again, and select Transform, Free. Using the available options, adjust the image size, position, and angle. You can see the settings I chose in the included screenshot. Once yours is sized and positioned properly, click Ok.

Step 2: Plasma Attack

I wanted the beam coming from the UFO to look more like plasma and to ooze over the house a little. To do this, choose the Smudge tool, Large with Opacity set to 50. In a downward motion, smudge the beam and draw it down just a little over the roof of your home. Reduce the Smudge tool from Large to Medium or Precise when needed.

Step 3: The Evil Glow

As the plasma attack overtakes Carl's house, an evil glow shines from the windows.

Choose the Spray tool and a matching plasma color from the color palette. Set the Pressure to the right, the Dispersion to the left, and the Radius to 30 or less. Spray the windows using short bursts until the desired glow is reached. I also wanted a glow to come from the cracks around the door. I used the same color and the Line tool set to a Width of 3 and Opacity at 40 to trace around the door.

Step 4: Waiting for the Dust to Settle

The UFO lifts Carl's house with such force that it sends up a plume of dust and dirt.

To achieve the plumes, choose a medium brown color from the color palette. Using the Spray tool at medium Pressure, Dispersion to the right, and a Radius of 30, spray around the underside of your house in circular patterns. Change to a darker brown color and spray randomly over the lighter color. Using the Smudge tool, blend the two together using circular motions until the desired effect is reached.

Step 5: The Abductees

Unbeknownst to Carl, his faithful companion has been captured by the aliens. Dug made the mistake of looking into their evil alien eyes, and now they control his mind. Poor Carl can only hang helplessly from a garden hose. The two were never seen or heard from again.

To add abductees to your photo edit, follow the same steps you used to paste the image of your house. I pasted Dug into the UFO and Carl hanging from the house by a garden hose. Have a Happy Halloween!
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This image is great! Good luck at the photo editing contest!