Alien Table Basse





Introduction: Alien Table Basse

My table basse alien!



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    Yeah. I don't think you are getting the gist of what is about. This is INSTRUCT-ABLES (root word INSTRUCT), not DISPLAYABLES. Don't get me wrong. You are extremely talented. I looked at your site, and I love what you do. This website however is about showing how you started with a bunch of scrap metal and ended with a beautiful work of art. Pictures aaaaaaand ....... wait for it ....... INSTRUCTIONS! HAHAHA Just breaking your ba**s a little.

    that is a mighty cool lookin' table; but how 'bout some INSTRUCTIONS, instead of just pictures of the finished product? ..... showing your art and your craft is great indeed and you are obviously very talented, but this site is more for showing the creative process and the materials used to get to that end result. give us some info on what metal you used n' where you got it from. was it all welded together? or is some bolted together? how did you bend the metal into those great shapes? is that blue LED strips? or what? :-)

    you cant visite my blog for more :

    aw man .... I really wanted to see it's instructible .. nt the show and tell .. :/

    Really nice table. Would be better, if you could share how you built it.