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Introduction: Aliens Halloween Display

About: I've been making movies as a hobby for nearly 8 years now, and I've always enjoyed the fantastical and imaginative. I occasionally take on the challenge of trying to construct some recreations.
After I showed pictures of my Power Loader and Alien Queen at a family barbecue, my aunt (who is very active in art) told me about a fashion stroll event in the city for Halloween. We contacted the organizers and they liked my work and invited me to bring them up and put them on display.

My dad's Suburban helped, but it still took 2 trips to bring it all up to the city. It was a lot of work to get it all set up. I got the opportunity to display the Queen without its unsightly neck stand, freely suspended, and it looked great. And I got to have the Loader set standing up, in an awesome action pose just like I wanted. We also had some of my other work, my Velociraptor, Davy Jones, and Predator mask on display. And I got to make another costume to go along with it; an Alien Warrior

It is an incredible display and it was crazy to see all my work displayed and featured like that. Thanks to my family and friends who helped move and set pieces up. Lots of people took pictures with it and the whole experience was overwhelming.

A video of the event(s) with this display and my costume:

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    The Replica Maker
    The Replica Maker

    7 years ago

    Ha. I've seen your YouTube videos and read this in your voice.