Alix's Prayer Shawl


Introduction: Alix's Prayer Shawl

This is a shawl I made (secretly - only at night or when she was gone) for my wife of 33 years for Christmas. I knit this for her primarily during my trips to the Mayo Clinic where I learned that my health situation has made it such that Christmas 2007 will probably be my last here on earth, and I wanted to give her something that she could wrap around her just as I've wrapped my arms around her for so many years. It was made from the pattern by Debbie Macomber at I used 2.5 skeins of Auracania Ranco Multi yarn (a sock yarn).



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    11 Discussions

    Gorgeous project! Thanks you for your close ups. happyjean

    You are truly talented and loving. Your beautiful wife is blessed to have you.

    Really very beautiful, both in craftsmanship and spirit. Lovely.

    Nice job, looks amazing, good idea doing it secretly for a huge surprise, I am sure she loves/ will love it forever. :-)

    It's beautiful, and your wife will cherish it forever. Good luck to you both!