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Introduction: All About Me

Hello my name Verina

i do make own creation and i love making candles resin jewerally and alot of other things.

i do buy all own stuff to make candles and other things that is why there is shipping and shipping has a cost depending on where people are location and packaging is done with a lot care and love and i use bubble wrap for items if small and glass to not make it broken while it in posting from Australia post.

i am doing course to create my own website and business so excited about doing it i am doing it online study i am moving at the moment but i got brocher for my candles but no brocher yet for other things like resin jewerally making soap and a lot of others etc.

if you all want me to make you a candles let me know show you all prices but how much shipping will be? i love to get buyer for my craft stuff i do make because it is something i do enjoy doing and put smile on people face when like what get in the mail.

thank you all for liking my page and buying my product when you all do bye!!!!!

love Verina



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    this only message of things i will show and what other thing i will make and i will put step