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The fan allows air flow from every direction instead of just one. It allows for better air circulation for the room it is in.

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Step 1: Supplies

You'll need...

- Screwdriver

- Star-driver (needed to remove screws from fan)

- Fan

- Tape

- Cardboard

- Glue Gun

- Scissors

Step 2: Remove the Shell

You'll need to use the star driver and screwdriver to remove the shell of the fan. Remove any unneeded grease if there is any. Save the machine screws for future projects if you have any.

Step 3: Cut the Cardboard

Cut the Cardboard into a small box to house the motor and extra wire using the scissors. Cut out a section for the rod to the fan blades. An exact-o knife will work best if your scissors are too large for this cut. Make sure there is enough space so there is no friction. If there is friction, there will be wasted energy.

Step 4: Secure the House

Secure the house around the motor using tape. Make sure the house does not touch the blade or there will be an annoying sound. Feed the switch wires into the house to keep them safe from the blade. You can color your house to match your fan to make the fan uniform.

Step 5: Hot Glue

Hot glue the switch to the side of the house for easy access. Be careful if your fan is a turning fan because the switch may interfere with its ability to turn.You can edit the wiring if you have the ability to.

Step 6: Completion

You have finally completed your multi directional fan. Make any adjustments that fits your needs with you and your fan. Add any comments you may have for me, I'm all open for suggestions or ideas.

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    3 Discussions

    Waldemar Sha

    Tip 1 year ago

    You can make it directional as well. Here's something that was produced in Soviet Union at the '60-s.

    I bought this one at a flea market. I don't quiet understand how the phisics work here, but all the airflow comes out of that rectangular opening.

    P.S. The main flaw of this design is that not enough airflow is dirrected around the motor, so it gets to hot eventually.


    Not too far, but with a more powerful fan motor I could probably feel it across my kitchen. (about 20 feet)