All-In-One RC Car




If you love speeding your RC car around your house, this project is for you. Not only will your car gain a turbo and an emergency brake, but will float, and, for a quick getaway, will have space to store a helicopter! So get building and start racing! You can make this project use only slight modifications to the car and helicopter. You will need to have two remotes in your hand to operate this device, the RC car remote and the helicopter remote.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

You will need: One working RC car (a car with high ground clearance)
One working 3 channel helicopter (helicopters with a tail rotor)

Mini tripod

Step 2: Prepare the Vehicle

To prepare the RC car, use a screwdriver to remove the body of the vehicle.

Step 3: Making the Car Waterproof

Use tape to protect all the connections. Then enclose the motor and other parts with tape.

Step 4: Make the Vehicle Floatable

To perform this step, measure the car on a sheet of styrofoam, and cut accordingly to allow the steering and drive to work. You should get a cross-like shape. Tape on securely if you want to remove it someday, or glue if you want it permanent. Add outriggers, if needed, for balance. Add more styrofoam as needed.

Step 5: Attach the Helicopter

Cut a piece if cardboard to fit above the vehicle and tape in place. Place the helicopter in the center of the cardboard. Mark the places where the landing gear touch, then use the knife to make indentions. The helicopter should stay in place while driving, and fly away without the cardboard.

Step 6: Add the Turbo and Brake

This requires slight modification to the helicopter. It can always be reverted. Firmly pull the tail rotor of the helicopter upwards. Pull the motor upwards as well. Rotate the motor to face the back of the helicopter. Use a thin piece of tape to secure in place. Replace the rotor. (To use the turbo, pull the right joystick on the helicopter remote downwards. For the brake, push the joystick upwards. The 'turbo' only works on the car by adding more speed to the motor of the car.) This also helps the helicopter for faster front and back movement.

Step 7: Enjoy!

So there you have it. The ultimate race car you made yourself. So race around your entire house, without having to stop for anything. (To drive it in the water, use the remote normally.)

Step 8: Optional: Add a Camera

If you still have space on your RC car, add a camera. For precautionary reasons, try to use a waterproof camera.

Step 9: Disclaimer

This project worked perfectly for my New Bright Pontiac GTO and my Syma S107g helicopter. I do not assume responsibility for broken cars, leaked batteries, cars that sank, etc. But if this project does work for you, congratulations, and happy driving!



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    8 Discussions


    it would be really cool if the helicopter could take of with rc car attached to it.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    my design of all in one is (flyable,drivable,wet-able (is that even a word?) its float-able,walkable,camera-able????, 5 hour battery or maybe a little less 4 hours and 59 minutes seems low enough :D and it must ALWAYS MUST be able to carry a 100 lbs human and carry emergency supplies like a 600 lbs log of wood or a tree, that power seems nice, and many more 500+ more things would be nice


    you know if you had a piece of small metal or plastic you could've made the wing more real instead of an easy to break piece of styrofoam... but nice idea though!


    5 years ago on Step 7

    Great work, But it will always be just a dream all in one RC car. Well designed concept. This concept should encourage more practical designs, soon. I agree with you Videographer101 make it more waterproof , so that while floating, water not affect the motor and I also say that the ties should be changed with these tears the it can't float in the water anyway Thanks for sharing …..


    5 years ago on Step 7

    You might consider making it more water proof with some glue instead of tape. Also, it would be cool to add a more powerful helicopter on the top of the car and use the helicopter to make the car fly away.